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UK SALE Good prices offered

pincerpincer Member Posts: 32
Trimming down my collection due to baby on the way.
Mostly Star Wars sets. Either sealed unopened sets or opened just to display figures and then they have been carefully put back into the bags and box with the untouched sets.

Ideally looking for multiple sale/s and willing to offer discount on multiple purchases however all bids welcome.

Sealed sets -
75059Sandcrawler £280
75104Kylo Ren Command Ship £100
75158Rebel Combat Frigate £100
75151Clone Turbo Tank £100
75157Captain Rex AT-TE £100
75103First Order Transporter £70
75149Resistance X-Wing £75
75155Rebel U-Wing Fighter £70
75154Tie Striker £60
75140Resistance Troop Transporter £50
75139Battle on Takodana £45
75147Star Scavenger £45
75148Encounter on Jakku £45
75145Eclipse Fighter £40
75153AT-ST Walker £40
75170The Phantom £40
75171Battle on Scarif £50
75142Homing Spider Droid £30
75152Imperial Assault Hovertank £25
75141Kanan's Speeder Bike £20
75041Vulture Droid £20
75137Carbon Freezing Chamber £15
75183Darth Vader's Transformation £15

Unbuilt still boxed sets with original bags and figures carefully placed back in box -
9515Malevolence £130
7964Republic Frigate £120
8039Venator Class Republic Attack Cruiser £120
7754Home One Mon Calamari Star Cruiser £120
75105Millenium Falcon £120
75106Imperial Assault Carrier £80
75101First Order Special Forces Tie Fighter £60
Batman sealed set -
70911The Penguin Arctic Roller £20


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