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Price guide API?

RexfelisRexfelis Member Posts: 32
Still plugging away on building my iPhone app (, but have run into a roadblock for a feature I was hoping to include.

Basically, I'd like to have a screen that displays detailed price information, including the retail price for various regions (easy to get from Brickset, thank you!) and, hopefully, a current "price guide" of after-market prices.

Now, initially I had assumed I could just use the Bricklink API...but I've run into a few roadblocks:
1. Using their API requires that you register as a seller. This...presents issues, as I don't really want to have a "store" registered on Bricklink just to get the price guide information.
2. Using their API requires registering a static IP address. This...obviously won't work for a mobile app. Every user will have a different (and constantly changing) IP address.
3. I...can't get any kind of response when posting in the Bricklink forums. I could be asking in the wrong place...but it's still frustrating not to get any kind of answer at all (after several days).

So...I'm hoping somewhere here can help. Are there any alternatives to Bricklink for getting after-market pricing information? Or is there a way to access their API in a "read only" fashion using only an API key similar to Brickset and Rebrickable? Or...and I hate asking this...would it be possible for Brickset to add calls to their API to "pass through" the data from Bricklink? (I'm presuming Brickset already has Bricklink API access, as the website displays the pricing information already)

Anybody? Or am I just going to have to drop this feature idea?

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