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I have a lego problem

There, I said it. My son loves legos and was spending too much money on sets so I ordered bulk on eBay. I hit the jackpot for $6 a pound and ended up with hogwarts castle, the Burrow, diagon alley, some star wars sets and others. Now I can’t stop. I was planning to sell some of the sets. There are no instructions or box. Is it sufficient to put them in a ziploc bag and then a box? Or for a smaller set a padded envelope?


  • FauchFauch Member Posts: 2,662
    well, it obviously won't sell for as much as a sealed set. just make sure the buyer knows exactly what you are selling, what is missing, if you have all the pieces. what's really annoying is to realize some stuff is missing, after you received the parcel. also specify the condition of the bricks.
  • PebblesPebbles Member Posts: 173
    It wouldn't put me off buying as I buy to build, so providing most of the bits were present I would be happy. With regards to packaging I would always go for a ziploc bag wrapped in bubble wrap and placed into a box. That way if any pieces do make a bid for freedom from the ziploc bag, the chances of them escaping the bubble wrap and then a box are pretty small.
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