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[FS] Continental US #5887 Dino Defense HQ - New, no box

CrownieCrownie Member Posts: 228
Hey everyone,

I recently purchased a brand new, sealed 2012 Dino Defense HQ that - unexpectedly - smells like fabric softener. I'm incredibly sensitive to chemical odors and so I thought I'd offer it up for sale here if someone is interested. The box has been broken down and all the components are present, although each bag has been transferred to a new polypropylene zip bag and labeled # 1 - #7. (Just like the factory bags.) I've asked 2 other people who couldn't really smell anything unpleasant, so it may be me. (I do have to live with my sense of smell though, so if it drives me nuts, out it goes, ha ha.)

I'm offering it for $125.00 shipped. Shoot me a a message if you have any questions or want further details.

Thank you!


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