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Selling my Legos. 300$

YlusieYlusie Puerto RicoMember Posts: 12
Hello im here to sell my used Legos! I had published this a couple of months ago, maybe a year, but i think the price were too high or some of the pictures didn't show too much of what i was selling lol
So, im here again. I would like to sell all of it for 300$. Its everything i have bought in the years i was into Lego. Theres two bags of Lego Pieces, one is Lego and the other are non-lego bricks. There is still some built sets, but there are some missing parts on them that are probably in the bag. I have most of the instructions sheets with me aswell. 

All the sets including ones already built, and some that might be deconstructed and probably with the parts being in the bag are : 
7670-2 - Hailfire Droid & Spider Droid, Clone Wars White Box
8018-1 - Armored Assault Tank (AAT)
7675-1 - AT-TE Walker
8015-1 - Assassin Droids Battle Pack
8014-1 - Clone Walker Battle Pack
7654-1 - Droids Battle Pack
7655-1 - Clone Troopers Battle Pack
8036-1 - Separatist Shuttle
7749-1 - Echo Base
7666-1 - Hoth Rebel Base (Limited Edition - with K-3PO)
8083-1 - Rebel Trooper Battle Pack
8084-1 - Snowtrooper Battle Pack
8089-1 - Hoth Wampa Cave
8092-1 - Luke's Landspeeder
6253-1 - Shipwreck Hideout


  • YlusieYlusie Puerto RicoMember Posts: 12
    I could sell the 89 minifigs for $135.
  • LordmoralLordmoral Puerto RicoMember Posts: 739
    edited January 2018
    You are from Puerto Rico? So am I and those Echo Base look interesting, do you have Bounty Hunter Pursuit by chance and Tie Bomber?
  • YlusieYlusie Puerto RicoMember Posts: 12
    Yes i am from Puerto Rico, i have sent you a PM
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