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Australia. BrickLink experiences?

PolyphemusPolyphemus Sydney, AustraliaMember Posts: 93

Are there any Aussies here who can shed a little light on their experience when buying through BrickLink? For a while I’ve planned to start collecting some of the more hard to find parts for Cafe Corner, Green Grocer and Market Street via BrickLink but I’ve held off due to a long harboured apprehension about buying online from individuals overseas. This is partly out of a belief that individual vendors don’t quite share the same respect for integrity that large multinational corporations do, and partly out of my complete lack of faith in Australian couriers being able to deliver items that have come from afar, have not been registered or insured and have not been sent from an established company.

On December 5 last year I placed my first order. It was designed as a bit of a test run just to see how things worked and so the order was quite small, around $10 worth of parts + $6 shipping. The seller from Czech Republic was prompt and helpful. I paid via PayPal, the payment was marked as received and the order was shipped on December 6. And that’s the last I’ve heard of it.

I know Czech Republic to Australia is a long way and it’s been a while since I’ve sent or received anything via the old snail mail, but is 6 weeks + shipping time normal? I’m reluctant to contact the seller as I’ve no reason to believe they are untrustworthy and let’s face it, it’s only $16. I don’t want to kick up a stink about less money than I’d spend at Pizza Hut.

Do any other Aussies here order regularly from overseas BrickLinkers? Do you have any problems? What are your average wait times in regards to shipping?



  • FauchFauch FranceMember Posts: 2,343
    can't talk about australia but I once had a set take 2 months to arrive from Canada. however it was stated on the bricklink page that this way of shipping would take 1 to 2 months. nothing else took more than 2 weeks, even from the USA or Russia.
    Probably two dozen International Bricklink orders here (with an error that was corrected by seller in one of those orders).  Six weeks plus from Europe, via snail mail, over the Christmas period doesn't sound outrageous to me at all. My personal Bricklink record was 11 weeks US to OZ via snail mail. I also feel in instances where the seller is sending parts in letter or bubble mailer format there is a longer delay (due to sorting).  I haven't recorded enough data to prove it but feel on average that these orders take longer to arrive.  Unfortunately, aside from buying small quantities from Oz based sellers, I'm yet to find a more cost effective method than international snail mail.
  • AltairAltair FranceMember Posts: 50
    If I were you I would give it a bit more time, but afterwards don't let it go, it's a matter of principle. And you paid via Paypal so their insurance will cover you. 
  • LobotLobot UKMember Posts: 950

    @Polyphemus - I've sent a few orders from the UK to Australia and haven't had any problems. 

    They were all via airmail (which is supposed to take 5-7 working days) and the latest order took about 3 weeks, assuming the feedback was made on receipt.  Do you know how they were sent?  The UK has an 'economy' option that can take 84 days!  It might be worth checking with the seller as it may have included insurance; the UK airmail option isn't tracked but it includes cover for £20 as standard.

    ^Generally in Oz when we refer to 'snail mail' we're talking surface mail (which is about all I'd be expecting for the OP's quoted postage price).  Obviously surface mail to Oz contains a considerable amount of time sitting on a cargo ship.
  • koshkakoshka UK/SwedenMember Posts: 193
    I can only comment as a seller but the three orders that I’ve sent from Sweden to Australia all took about a 6-10 days based on feedback from the buyers. 
  • ZordboyZordboy Sunny Coast, AustraliaMember Posts: 5
    edited January 2018
    As an Australian Bricklinker, I always try to avoid buying from overseas if I can help it. Very rarely do I have problems, but it always feel like I'm tempting fate a little.

    For example, back at the start of December, I bought some old Alpha Team sets from a German seller. The shipping I paid for wasn't that cheap, but I'm still sitting here, waiting for them to arrive. It's frustrating, I agree, but we're Australian Lego fans. Frustration is the name of the game.

    Edit -- actually, at the moment, the worst trouble I'm having is from I tried to buy a Winter Village train station back in November, and it never arrived. I contacted and they said it had been returned to them (I'd been home every day in December, recovering from a major illness, so I'm not sure why the carrier couldn't deliver). The lady promised she'd express post one back to me (from Belgium, no less), and it arrived early January ... and they'd sent me the wrong thing. I contacted them for a second time, and they told me the Train Station was discontinued so they'd have to just refund me, and they'd send me paperwork so I could return the things they wrongly sent to me. That was three weeks ago. No sign of the paperwork, and no sign of the refund. They took $119.99 AUS from me, and never bothered sending me the thing that I paid for. I'm this close to reporting them to the ACCC. Like, it's just gotten to the point of absurdness, but I'm quite annoyed with them.
  • scottdd2scottdd2 ADELAIDEMember Posts: 57
    I've made a few orders with overseas sellers and had little problem. In fact just last night I had placed the order and the invoice was done within 15 minutes and payment made 5 minutes after that so the time difference worked in my favour as I was at it late at night. But in terms of time to get here, 6 weeks isn't a stretch. I do tend to by local as it were but sometimes you just need to go os for that one part you need.
  • PolyphemusPolyphemus Sydney, AustraliaMember Posts: 93
    edited January 2018
    Cheers for the feedback guys. I think I just need to learn to be a bit more patient!
    Zordboy said:
    It's frustrating, I agree, but we're Australian Lego fans. Frustration is the name of the game.
    Unfortunately I think you've hit the nail on the head! Big country + small population + miles from anywhere = long waits + frustration.

    For the record I didn't request any particular type of shipping, I expect it's probably coming via the slowest method possible!

    I think the most frustrating thing is that we just don't have that many BrickLinkers to choose from in Australia and often we don't have a choice but to order from overseas.

    I wonder if "getting LEGO faster" would be accepted by my family as a valid reason for moving to another continent? :)
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