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UCS MF 75192 Mods?

Not sure if this deserves its own thread as a few people have tweaked rear engines etc.

After finishing my MF over the weekend, I couldn't help but notice a few things that look as though they could've been done better:-

1. Cockpit interior looks a bit crap/sparse. Anyone considered seats or making more of the inside of the cockpit cone?

2. Rear Engines. They don't actually look bad in the flesh, although I think they could look a lot better brick built and without the rigging.

3. OT Dish support looked better built on #10179, not sure which is mird movie accurate.

4. Upper plating between dish and outer perimeter back to central tube looks a little short when compared to the overhang on the underside in the same area.

I would really like to look into improving, especially 1 and 2. Anyone updated the cockpit?


  • monkeyhangermonkeyhanger Member Posts: 3,156
    I had a quick go at the cockpit with what I had spare- just enough room for the 4 seats you'd expect, a pair of brown ones at the front and black ones behind.

    I used the Harrods displayed lifesize MF cockpit interior for reference (lots of photos available on the net). The interior of the Falcon Cockpit front end looks very much like the front half of a car. Front 2 seats are like the kind of brown leather sports seats you'd see in an 80s Porsche, with the console resembling a car dash/pedal legroom layout - hence my changes. Then very tall and skinny black seats behind with ribbed cushioning, which have meta framework on the rear. The only issue is that the "real" MF has the rear seats behind where the windows end on the cone. The Lego tube structure beyond the cone is where these seats should really be (impossible with the tube cladding underpinnings).

    Ideally i'd like to brickbuild the rear seats with plates which have 2 x 1 plates as cushioning, maybe with a droid arm on the back for the metal support, but i'm pretty sure that they wouldn't fit.

    So firstly, the base is now comprised of a pair of 6 stud x 2 stud LBG wings with a 2 x 6 plate running through the middle and a 1x6 plate running centrally behind. The footprint now closely matches the conical shape of the cockpit cone, with tiny gaps between the floor perimeter and the cone interior, and you have a useable extra row of studs at the back (7 studs deep).

    Secondly, the console (same overall design as Lego did) is now fixed to its underpinnings at the front edge rather than the rear edge, so it overhangs with a little space under it, much like a car's dashboard and pedal area, overhang void is one plate deep. I could've made it deeper but then the top of the console would've been much higher than centre of cone.

    The new floor wouldn't quite fit into the cone with the overhang of the ridged 2x1 plates that are in the doorway of the "tube", so they were swapped with 2x1 plates
    (although a 1x4 plate with a stud each end would've been a little better).

    So with an interior 7 studs deep, the front 2 studs depth are console, then 2 studs for the front seats, a stud's length separating front and back seats. Tiny gap between the end of the interior and where it meets the tube to accommodate the rake of the rear seat backs being beyond (those rear seats sit on round 2x2 black plates, and the rear half of the floor is a plate higher than the front seats, so rear seats are 2 plates higher than the front).

    The shape of the central console unit separating the 2 front seats (as per TLG's design) is wrong. It shouldn't slope towards the floor, it should be rectangular, then coming to an upwards point at the back - probably better represented by a 2x1 brick topped with tiling and a cheese slope at the back. An easy change but It didn't do it. I also think that a good way of doing some of those cockpit levers would be a wolverine claw piece stuck in a holed block (for 3 levers from 1 hole). I'm sure I must have a spare one of those somewhere from a set done in the last year, but it would be a needle in a haystack operation to find it.

    So here is the build from a few angles:-

  • bandit778bandit778 Docking Bay 94. Member Posts: 2,340
    edited June 2018
    For those who think the Falcon on display is just not enough.
    Just read about this light and sound setup from Brickstuff (never brought their products so can't endorse how reliable or easy to fit they are).
    The full kit is expensive ($411) but it does look good in their own videos and the Hyperdrive Malfunction setting (near the bottom of the page) is a nice touch.
  • Baby_YodaBaby_Yoda The world's backsideMember Posts: 1,295
    ^ Damn! That's more I've ever spent on a single Lego set, let alone a third-party lighting kit.
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