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Taj Mahal main dome

I've got what may be a silly question for you all - have just finished building 10256 Taj Mahal, but the main dome (the central large dome in the middle) - is it right that it just rests loosely on the roof?  There a several tiles that it sits on, but none have any studs for the dome to clip to.  It doesn't seem right just sitting there and able to easily slide anywhere it feels like.  Have double-checked the instructions and don't see anything obvious but I feel like I'm missing something..?


  • luckyrussluckyruss Member Posts: 872
    I've not assembled mine for quite a long time but as far as I recall that's correct - both the brown roof and then the dome slot in on top of tiles.  The roof fits quite snugly and can be harder to pop out, but the dome is quite prone to falling off if you try to lift or carry the model (taking the other turrets with it...)
  • RikTheVeggieRikTheVeggie Member Posts: 356
    Thanks for confirming!  Really thought I'd messed up, never know TLG to issue a set where part of it just "floats".  Will see if I anything I can swap in to give it something to grip on to.
  • Jern92Jern92 Member Posts: 893
    Looking at the old Lego instructions, the base of the dome tower should attach to the four red plates visible slightly below the surface of the roof. I have built the Lepin version and it definitely doesn't 'float'.
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