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Brickset Reviewer's Corner

abordoliabordoli Atlanta, GeorgiaMember Posts: 131
edited January 2018 in
In lieu of seeing one, I'd like to start a "Reviewer's Corner" for Brickset reviewers to "conversate" (not the same as collude... ;P).

I do have things that I'd like to discuss here, but first I'd like to see some reviewers weigh-in on whether they like the idea since another forum user thought I should set one up...although it might need to moved or placed elsewhere in the forum tree.


  • abordoliabordoli Atlanta, GeorgiaMember Posts: 131
    In lieu of weigh-ins, I'd like to start a beginning topic: "The Difficulty of Reviewing"

    I'm new to the site, which is valuable because I'm coming from the perspective of the obstacles being faced by a new reviewer and what might we come up with to offer as suggestions to make things easier...especially for the new

    I'll be honest, I'm finding it a bear to put up reviews. Not because of the content of the review, but of some cumbersome mechanics of the Brickset site itself. Evidence of this, I have found in the low number of reviews for sets period. There should be far more. The question is...Why not?

    Anyone else facing such issues or have any tips, suggestions or comments that the admins might feel are useful.
  • abordoliabordoli Atlanta, GeorgiaMember Posts: 131
    Would be nice to see how many views ones review has received, no?
  • AstrobricksAstrobricks Minnesota, USMember Posts: 2,294
    More popular sets receive more reviews. 
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