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Wanted - Monochrome Minifigure Parts

TheFewTheFew EnglandMember Posts: 1,636
edited December 2017 in Marketplace
Hi all,

I have started to sort a monochrome Minifigure collection and i currently have most of the basic colours...

I was just wondering if anyone out there had any monochrome parts for sale or trade that would move my collection along...



  • floridabrickfloridabrick Central FLMember Posts: 158

    “Started” is an accurate description.  Welcome to the entrance of the rabbit hole for monochrome minifig collecting… 

    Last year I spent a lot of time on BL shopping for parts to get my collection to where it is now, along with an amount of money that I don’t want to think about or try to estimate.  Anything in the picture with a black substitution Lego never produced (as of last year at least).  I have taken a few liberties – the biggest that comes to mind are the chrome silver heads which are custom I found on BL.  Others are minor, like chrome gold and chrome red are actually key chains that I’ve yet to remove their rings.  I’ve also yet to wipe everything as well.   

    I knew it would be easier to complete 2 sets at once, although now I’m not really sure why I need 2 sets.  But in any case I’m not interested in trading or selling any of my completed figs (basically nothing in the photo, lol!).  But what I do have is an accumulation of extra parts.  Bags and bags, all brand new from BL.  I bought extras beyond the 2 I actually required with the idea that if they remained rare, or even if they didn’t, I’d sell them back on BL myself sometime in the future.  I could get your collection to maybe 50% or more of where mine is at.

    So.  A trade is what I’d really prefer.  And I understand that we’re not on the same land mass.  But I’ve traded and bought from guys in the UK, Germany, etc, usually making a big enough trade/purchase to justify the shipping.  If this is an idea you want to consider, maybe we could start with seeing what if anything you have on my Wanted List?  Obviously the smaller the more ideal, so I would sort ascending by price to get the polybags and small sets at the top.  Disclaimer – I actually already own some of what’s on my Wanted List, but I wouldn’t mind some extras for almost anything, if that was needed to complete a trade.

  • TheFewTheFew EnglandMember Posts: 1,636
    Wow, what an awesome collection! 
  • floridabrickfloridabrick Central FLMember Posts: 158
    ^Thanks!  The plan was to have 1 hat or helmet and 1 hair for each color, but with no duplicates (same element in different colors).  I've only got a few pieces left.   
  • floridabrickfloridabrick Central FLMember Posts: 158

    Here are most of my extras. 
    I have multiples of most legs in another box.
    The LL magnets are shown because they’re the only place to get magenta legs.
    Nothing hidden – any torsos with printing are paired up to show you their fronts and backs.
    The few single torsos in the middle have printing only on 1 side.
    None of the heads have any printing.
    I also have several bags of hair, hats, and helmets in bags in another box as well. 

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