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[HELP] Modify Galloping Reindeers with Rudolph

Kokkie20Kokkie20 NetherlandsMember Posts: 38
I saw a to awesome build made by jkbrick works and i was wonderfully if someone could help me out with 1 thing. I want to have a centered Rudolph in the front of the 8 build. 

Tough i am no technic lego person and have no clue how to make it so it will be centered and it will hop along with the other 8.

Does anyone have a idea/suggestion how i can modify a small part of this build so i can fit my 9th reindeer on it? 

It is all about the technical part, the snow stuff on the side i can use my imagination for, i just can't figure out the technic part sadly :( 

I asked him but he said hopefully next year he will make the modification. 

Link to his instructions:

Remade the 8 reindeer version in LDD, and tried something with gears to make the rudolph centered.

Can anyone tell me if this will work or not? (That the ratio will be kinda the same or must it be changed one way or another?

Thank you in advance 



  • bandit778bandit778 Docking Bay 94. Member Posts: 2,259
    edited December 2017
    Not looked into it in great detail but could you not just add another section like the other 4 but instead of having a shaft running at 90 degrees at the end for the next reindeer, could you not continue along the centre axle and put the crankshaft pieces (2853) inline so it runs up the middle of the build?
  • Kokkie20Kokkie20 NetherlandsMember Posts: 38
    I have it kinda already centered up in the middle (In the google drive file is what i have so far with the 9 reindeers), tough i am not sure if the gear ratio is looking good, or that it will screw it up realy bad.
    Still need to order the parts to test it out in real life, but my budget for lego is gone this month and next month to due to all the christmas presents i bought for family lol.
    Thanks anyway for the answer :) 
  • bandit778bandit778 Docking Bay 94. Member Posts: 2,259
    The gear ratio shouldn't be a problem as both the black gear (32270) and the tan gear (6589) are both 12 tooth gears so all the shafts should run at the same speed, the only difference would be your front reindeer would have a slight side to side motion as as opposed to the front to back motion while travelling up and down due to the directional travel of the main shafts.
  • Kokkie20Kokkie20 NetherlandsMember Posts: 38
    Yeah i looked at that but its hard to get it right. At the moment i have it trough i believe 2x8 gear tooth and a 16 one? Not even sure if that will work and hold it so still hoping some other technic man/woman can help me out :) 
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