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Brickset Bendybadger bonus ball - brickedin Santa edition

Welcome to the latest edition of the brickset Bendybadger bonus ball draw. Pretty sure most people know the drill now. Simply answer the question and the the first 59 responses will be entered in the draw to win some Christmas cheer. 

The prize - #30478 jolly Santa poly

The question - What is your favourite Christmas memory/tradition/thing? 

Completely non specific I know but it’s time to spread Christmas cheer!

To get things started - As a kid the thing I remember most is finding a stocking at the end of my bed. As soon as I woke up I would leg it into my mum and dads room where I would hop on the bed and dive in (to the stocking). Always remember being so excited and taking my time to enjoy it all, despite knowing that the main event was downstairs under the tree (and the box would have a familiar rattle). 
Moving on to now and we do exactly the same thing with my girls and I can’t wait to do it again.

Merry Christmas to everyone at brickset 



  • CaptainPirateManCaptainPirateMan Member Posts: 353
    The birth of Jesus.
  • alldarkeralldarker Member Posts: 224
    It has to be finding the gifts below the Christmas tree on Christmas morning... and then having to wait until we could finally open them!
  • ShibShib Member Posts: 5,477
    Time with friends and family...cheesy but true
  • LegoboyLegoboy Member Posts: 8,827
    Aged 6.

    Creeping downstairs very early one Christmas Day morning, opening all of the presents under the tree carefully and rewrapping them whilst switching the name tags, leaving my younger brother with the tat.

    After we then all woke up properly later in the morning, me sleeping in after such a late night, I recall my mum asking WTF to my dad when I started to open very similar looking presents in front of them.  I'd not only ended up with the best presents but also my brother's duplicates - didn't think of that!

    A very fond memory I think about every year.
  • ecmo47ecmo47 Member Posts: 2,101
    Christmas 1976, I got set #730: Steam Shovel and Carrier. I wasn't feeling good Christmas eve some the folks let me open one present and that was it. Unfortunately, I got worse over night and on Christmas morning I went to the hospital emergency room with sever respiratory issues. Stayed a couple days and it cleared up but they never figured out the cause. Mom has a picture of me in the hospital playing with my new Lego set.  
  • CCCCCC Member Posts: 20,556
    Eating a whole "selection box" before boxing day.

  • BumblepantsBumblepants Member Posts: 7,729
    Waiting behind dining room chairs in the blocked hallway for my parents to 'finish setting up the camera' before racing to the loot. They did it just to build our anxiety and hype but it was effective. Two gifts stand out strongly in my mind, the year my sister got the #6380 Emergency Treatment Center and I got the #6378 Shell Station. The other is when we were jointly gifted the #6085 Black Monarch's Castle. That was far and away the most played with set we ever had growing up.
  • arathemisarathemis Member Posts: 627
    I was about 6-7 years old. There was this silly football game that I kept seeing in the window of a toy shop in my town. I kept asking my mom to buy it for me the entire autumn and beginning of winter and she kept postponing me, either because there were no money, or other reasons.
    When I saw the football game on the Christmas morning under the tree, I started crying of joy.
    It was such a basic game... I just saw a new edition of that game this year, and bought it for my kid, since he likes football, but does not have any football board-game.
  • iso3200iso3200 Member Posts: 2,065
    Spoiler alert!

    When I was a child, my parents always made Christmas a special time. Santa was very real and I had a pillowcase of things to open left at the end of my bed mysteriously in the night. It was magical. I didn't have the slightest incline that it was really them all the time. It was a shame to grow out of it and I think I believed as long as possible.

    Biggest memory of those pillowcases, though not sure how old I was - waking up around 3am and to find a pack of dry roasted peanuts and those funny jelly like fruit slices in there while opening the rest of the presents. Naturally I stuffed as many as possible before falling back to sleep again.

    No way we'd let out own kids have such things in the night!

    It's this time of year, and all things that happen like little traditions that make me think a lot more of my parents and how much I miss them. But they're all happy memories :-)

  • paul_mertonpaul_merton Member Posts: 2,967
    edited December 2017
    Cliff Richard Christmas songs, a bit of WHAM, Technic LEGO, Maltesers, Toblerone, those overlapping orange and lemon jelly slices that were arranged in a ring and sprinkled in sugar. A long box of dates with the plastic fork thing down the middle.

    Ahh, happy days!
  • FodderFodder Member Posts: 360

    Backyard Cricket....

    My Boys are 2 & 5, I'm looking forward to starting something with them...

  • COOLEGOCOOLEGO Member Posts: 211
    Playing Newmarket with all the generations of the family, all subtlety watching my brother to see how long it would take him to cheat (he's 31 now and he'll still be at it this year I'm sure).
  • BrickByBrickBrickByBrick Member Posts: 748
    Every year on Christmas day, my grandpa makes pancakes for breakfast and every year he sets the fire alarm off doing it...
  • TheFewTheFew Member Posts: 1,781
    Drinking until it is easter :-)

  • PebblesPebbles Member Posts: 173
    Aged about 6 1/2, I was lying in bed whispering to my sister that it was almost midnight so Santa would be here soon. (No idea why we thought midnight was when he'd arrive) We heard my parent's door open, their room is directly in front of the stairs. We could hear them creeping about, lots of shh-ing, then we heard thumps and bangs and some very rude words as things went bouncing down the stairs.

    The next morning we woke up and neither of us mentioned what we'd heard, until we were confronted with some very bashed up Christmas presents under the tree.

    Realising what must had happened we asked if Santa had dropped them, the look my mum gave my dad was priceless, it was a true if looks could kill moment.

    It's one of my favourite memories and we still laugh about it each year.
  • Toc13Toc13 Member Posts: 1,150
    I'm another that used to take the stocking into my parents room to open it, along with my sister.
    It's carried on with my two girls- although one year, the eldest walked past the stocking in her sleep & was then upset than Santa hadn't been
  • theLEGOmantheLEGOman Member Posts: 1,524
    When i was younger, we would often spend Christmas ant my Aunt and Uncles, and it was my job to hand out the presents after lunch. This was good fun, although it also included crawling under the tree to reach the presents at the back. 

    Not so much fun when it's a real tree, don't think they made "non-drop" ones back then.
  • flordflord Member Posts: 797
    Christmas 1984 is still my favourite Christmas memory. GI Joe and A-Team action figures.
  • daniellelego82daniellelego82 Member Posts: 38
    I think my fav is picking which of our christmas presents to take to my nanna and grandads in the afternoon when we went round for christmas dinner. We would all sit on a mish mash of chairs around the table for christmas dinner. Me with my star bright place mat, my sister had roland rat and my brother had danger mouse.
  • FowlerBricksFowlerBricks Member Posts: 1,731
    Hmm...hard to pick a favorite, but it's always a blast when we gather with all the cousins and pass out presents. It's very loud! :D
  • monkeyhangermonkeyhanger Member Posts: 3,170
    My mam having Christmas dinner done at 11:30am - way too early! Or adding battle scar stickers to my Kenner X Wing and regretting it instantly.
  • TheOriginalSimonBTheOriginalSimonB Member Posts: 1,793
    There was one year we were at an Aunt's house and my main present from my parents was quite a large box.  I opened it to find a pair of handlebars then had to wait until we got home again for the rest of the bike.
    Best Memories and what I miss the most is being woken by my kids because Santa came through the night.
  • 1x11x1 Member Posts: 143
    Getting an at-at for me and my brothers.
  • Speedman29Speedman29 Member Posts: 2,338
    Best and probably oldest Christmas memory is also my earliest LEGO memory too. I was probably about 4 or 5 so very early 1908s and I got a one of the basic sets full of random pieces. I grabbed a red 2x8 brick and a couple of the 2x2 brick based wheel sets with the red stud centres and made a very simple car which I then drove all over the white plastic festive tablecloth my mum had laid out for lunch.

  • Rainstorm26Rainstorm26 Member Posts: 1,018
    Riding a snowmobile with my uncles as a little kid out back of the christmas party.  I'm quite sure they were probably drunk and it was probably dangerous...luckily I survived.
  • eMJeeNLeMJeeNL Member Posts: 820
    My granddad that came down the stairs wearing a Santa-hat and handing out the Xmas-goodstuff. A the oldest grandchild I always was the assistant.

    Granddad has passed quite a while ago now... *sight*
  • Mr_CrossMr_Cross Member Posts: 1,713
    I was about 5. I'd just been given a Kermit hand puppet. We usually went to church on Chritmas day and we were allowed to take a toy with us, I took Kermit. The retired Bishop who was the priest in our Village at the time had a tendency to be a bit long winded. After a while, I piped up  in Kermit's voice with "Welcome to the Muppet show!"

    True story. My poor parents.
  • Bricklover18Bricklover18 Member Posts: 722
    The peace and quiet 
  • ricecakericecake Member Posts: 878
    Staying up until midnight on Christmas Eve so that we could open one present, then going to sleep and opening the rest on Christmas Day.
  • Sethro3Sethro3 Member Posts: 1,015
    Looking back, going to our Christmas Eve pageant at our church. It was the same thing year after year. I knew it by heart and it was super boring as a kid. But looking back, I'm glad I took part and it was something constant in my life. I don't have that anymore.

    Thanks for doing these!
  • MugenPowerMugenPower Member Posts: 638
    Family time.
  • Coolguy5000Coolguy5000 Member Posts: 1,588
    Has to be Christmas dinner together with family.
  • blade_guyblade_guy Member Posts: 220
    Watching our cat continually bat the baubles causing the tree to drop its needles early...
  • MynattMynatt Member Posts: 632
    Must be said that one of my favorite parts of Christmas is just simply decorating the tree. One of the best parts is having the Charlie Brown Christmas album going on in the background. Really love it when the song Linus and Lucy comes on. Absolutely gets me in the spirit. 
  • MaffyDMaffyD Member Posts: 3,577

    There are so many! I mean, there's the ones that a lot of different families do, like decorating the tree, the meal, nativity plays church on Christmas morning, opening one present on Christmas Eve followed by a tipple back at a grandparents house, the Winter Village set building, advent calendars, Secret Santa (especially the Brickset Secret Santa!)... It's very hard to choose and I'm not even done yet.

    But for one that is dear to my heart is seeing 3 of my children all sing in a Christmas Carol concert that is put on by the choir they are all part of. It is truly magical and it's on this Sunday! Can't wait.

  • donutboydonutboy Member Posts: 762
    1976 - Scalextric, I think it was called Grand Prix set. Spending the morning with my Dad setting it up, then finally getting to play it after lunch, and the day after, and the day after, and the day after ....... Them cars must have done 2000 laps that Christmas Holiday. Funny thing is, I tire of it really quickly these days.
  • YodaliciousYodalicious Member Posts: 1,366

    Sorry. I got carried away.
  • cmrt1014cmrt1014 Member Posts: 396
    For most of my adult life, my mom was "too busy" making baked treats for Christmas presents to go "shopping".  One year she made me 32 small bear claws, among other treats.  I had weeks of Sunday Morning bear claw!  She also made a bread based wreath or tree each year - from 1960-something until about 5 years ago when she was no longer able to.  Miss her.

    Thanks @brickedin for hosting, and Happy Holidays to all!
  • SandmanSandman Member Posts: 26
    The one family tradition we have is watching A Nightmare before Christmas every year before we start putting up decorations or wrapping presents. Watching it signals the start of our Christmas and each year I see some new little detail in it I had missed before.
  • snowhitiesnowhitie Member Posts: 3,078
    Good question and thanks for hosting.

    I enjoyed the decorating of the tree, listening to Carrols while drinking hot chocolate or glühwein when older.

    Now I've got a family of my own, I love just the whole feeling of the holiday but especially seeing my son tuck into the turkey and eat a whole leg :)
  • AllBrickAllBrick Member Posts: 1,497
    Getting a yellow remote control Baja Bug as a gift when I was about 6. That thing rocked, and rolled.
  • tallblocktootallblocktoo Member Posts: 497
    Nothing specific as a toy or event just more so family time Christmas morning unwrapping gifts and spending time together enjoying our new gifts.  
  • M_BossM_Boss Member Posts: 258
    Each year when I was young I had a “tradition” of getting up early because I couldn’t sleep. Usually had to wait from 2 AM to 7AM watching TV and that time always seemed to last forever.
  • DB361DB361 Member Posts: 299
    Pigs in Blankets. Enough said!
  • SithLord196SithLord196 Member Posts: 1,161
    Probably been said already, but I always enjoy decorating the tree.
  • MasterBeefyMasterBeefy Member Posts: 122
    Opening presents, there I said it.
  • SirBrickalotOfLegoSirBrickalotOfLego Member Posts: 629
    all the Christmas music!
  • LuLegoLuLego Member Posts: 1,010
    Decorating the tree: my young children add a new ornament each year.
  • LobotLobot Member Posts: 1,030

    Christmas eve; waiting for midnight.

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