Help Wanted! Trying to decide what do with NISB Rio Mascots

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Hi there!
I recently received a NISB Rio Mascots set as part of the prize for the October Monthly Building contest and I have a very hard decision to make: do I keep it sealed and sell it? Do I keep it sealed, wait a couple of years then sell it? Or do I just say "to heck with it all" and build it? It's a neat set, but it's very rare and somewhat pricey, so I'm looking for some advice. I'm not used to dealing with sets that are as rare as this one. What is the interest level in this set? What do you think I should do? Any advice is welcome! 


  • snowhitiesnowhitie BelgiumMember Posts: 2,853
    I would open and build it. It's great to have a special set and that you received as a prize is even much cooler. I would enjoy it.
  • CCCCCC UKMember Posts: 17,789
    Well it's probably best to keep it quiet that you're interested in selling a set you have just won here. It's a bit rude towards the person that sent it. But too late for that.

    That aside, like any exclusive set that won't get made again, it will go up in value. You can either cash in now, or wait three months and see how many sell in that time and what for, and how many are left on the market. Or put it at the back of a cupboard and re-evaluate it in two years.
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    @CCC: yes, I did consider that, but I decided to go ahead with it, since I really needed the advice and I'm not sure yet if I actually am interested in selling it. Rare sets are not something I have to deal with often!
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    A decision has been made! Mods, please close this thread. Thanks!
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