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WTT for 2016 polys

AleyditaAleydita BelgiumMember Posts: 927
Trying to fill a few gaps in my poly collection. Offering coupons for my BO/BL store, value to be agreed but around BL value + 50%. So, a £5 poly would get £7.50ish coupon. Prefer to trade several in one go, but will consider singles. Not looking to offer cash at this stage, only trade.

Looking for the following:


#30322-2 Wildlife - Polar Bear
#30322-3 Wildlife - Penguin
#30322-4 Wildlife - Tortoise
#30322-6 Wildlife - Elephant


#30424 Training Dojo


#40127-2 Space Shuttle (Uniqlo edition)
#40128-2 Robot (Uniqlo edition)
#40130-2 Koala (Uniqlo edition)
#40131-2 Parrot (Uniqlo edition)
#40208 Polar Bear
#40211 Bee
#30212 Hedgehog
#40214 Frog


#5004395 Jewelry and Sticker Pack


#5004409 Accessory Pack

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As an Amazon Associate we earn from qualifying purchases.