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Mini Modulars 10230

brickupdatebrickupdate Member Posts: 1,020
edited January 2012 in Collecting
This jumped out at me: someone proclaims to have 6 mini modular sets 10230 in hand and ready to ship on eBay. This is NOT my auction, I just thought it was interesting - has anyone else heard of these being available early?


  • LegoFanTexasLegoFanTexas Member Posts: 8,404
    He probably does have them, I've seen a few people get them early... But $155? Ouch, why spend that when you can spend $80 in a month and get it all day long?

  • richoricho Member Posts: 3,830

    I must say though that this set has very little appeal to me, and I can't put my finger on why.
  • cavegodcavegod Member Posts: 811
    ^^ thats because it's way overpriced for what it is, having seen it in person i would not part with that much money for it.
  • 1brickshyofcrazy1brickshyofcrazy Member Posts: 31

    I remember seeing some where that this set would be available still on January 1, 2012 at the Lego B/M stores but not available for online ordering until February 1, 2012 and you had to still have a VIP card to buy it.

    Maybe they got it from a Lego B/M store that had it for January 1, 2012 release and sold to them...

    I agree why spend $155.00 for one when you can hold out a month to get 2 for $160.00...

    Regardless of what ppl say about the size and cost and not getting it I believe this will be one that most will want to get... jmo
  • Ma1234Ma1234 Member Posts: 693
    They go on sale at physical stores tomorrow. Would not be shocked if a handful already put them out, because most, if not all, already have them in the back room.
  • legoDadlegoDad Member Posts: 529
    Probably like others have's from a b/m lego store and someone sold it to them early. I checked one out yesterday. Heavy box. Looks great. My local store is putting them out tomorrow along with the Friends line too.
  • 1brickshyofcrazy1brickshyofcrazy Member Posts: 31
    edited December 2011
    Good to get a confirmation on the release at the Lego B/M store but I won't be able to go tomorrow to the Lego B/M store to pick this up but I will try to go January 2, 2012 to get at least one...
  • brickupdatebrickupdate Member Posts: 1,020
    Oooh - very cool to hear that LEGO Stores will be putting them out early. I have to wonder how long this set will be released for (eg: when will they retire it.) And how will they handle 'additions' to the line, such as the rumored set to be released in the Spring.

    At first, I thought this set was bizarre, but it has really grown on me. It also prompted me to finally fork over the money for a Market Street, the only one in the lineup I was missing. Now I have a complete full sized set, and soon I will have a complete mini-sized set.
  • shikadishikadi Member Posts: 140
    edited July 2012
    I held off on this one for a few months, and now I can't seem to get it from [email protected]
    It just came out in January though, surely it isn't EOL? Anybody know what's up with this? I'm logged in on [email protected], but I can't find the product page no matter what I do. If it's simply out of stock I would think I'd be able to find the page still.
  • JBricks27JBricks27 Member Posts: 678
    I think you need to log in with a VIP account to view it, because it is a VIP exclusive set
  • ChanMcLChanMcL Member Posts: 1,224
    If that is the case, I will definitely get it at Grand Opening at Manchester. They have about 20 out in store I think. Probably more at the back!
  • gdelahoussegdelahousse Member Posts: 153
    on [email protected] US, it is on the welcome page and shows as available (but only when logged as VIP).
  • shikadishikadi Member Posts: 140
    ^ I wasn't logged in, didn't realize they were being that strict on the VIP only thing. Thanks and sorry for the false alarm.
  • brickupdatebrickupdate Member Posts: 1,020
    I picked up the box again while in a LEGO Store this past weekend and wondered when they would retire it. From what I hear, it hasn't sold well. This could be a huge sleeper hit. Or, it could be out there for YEARS and YEARS and YEARS....
  • khmellymelkhmellymel Member Posts: 1,313
    ^ I really like the mini modular set, I think it's just the right size for a work desk display piece. The clicking together and apart is great too. That being said, I can see why it might not sell very well - it's kind of expensive for the size, even though there are a lot of pieces. You just don't "see" all those pieces, because they're all 1x1's (or at the most 1x3's if I recall correctly).
  • Bosstone100Bosstone100 Member Posts: 1,431
    edited July 2012
    Using Brickstore, the current breakout price is about double the retail price. Can't be that bad a deal. I may pick up a second one. It'd also be nice if Lego were to put out a generic microbuild set with lots of pieces similar to 10230 like those blue or pink plastic bin sets.
  • caperberrycaperberry Member Posts: 2,226
    Yep, I maintain this set is a gem, although I am biased when it comes to microbuilds. It's a fun build and looks much better in real life than on the box (although still pretty mad with all the colours and shapes).

    Consider also that those buildings are pretty much completely solid; not just walls. That's where a lot of that high piece count is going.
  • mathewmathew Member Posts: 2,099
    I'm thinking of picking up the mini-modulars this winter. I'm becoming more and more of a fan of micro-building, at least when it comes to MOC's.

    As far as the price goes, each building is $16. In the world of collectables, that's not bad.
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