LEGO sets similar to 60007 (with videogame DLC)?

GLAGLA UkMember Posts: 11
Specifically, for the Wii U.


  • BlueberryWafflesBlueberryWaffles MinnesotaMember Posts: 23
    edited December 2017
    The summer 2014 wave of the Lego Movie sets all came with special 1x4 tiles with cheat codes engraved on them. EDIT: should have mentioned. The codes are for the Lego Movie video game.
  • GLAGLA UkMember Posts: 11
    edited December 2017
    None of these appear to have anything on the packaging like 60007 does (especially on the back of it on this one). Shame.
  • FowlerBricksFowlerBricks USAMember Posts: 1,625
    I'm pretty sure some of the Ninjago Movie sets have Worlds Unlock codes.
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