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Taj Mahal remake

mh3490mh3490 Member Posts: 329
I ordered my Taj on Monday at midnight just received it and was wondering if anyone else had bought one and received it as well. Also I was thinking people could share their building experience with it as I am about to start building mine in the morning.


  • ToddMyersToddMyers Member Posts: 403
    Prepare to be bored!
  • CCCCCC Member Posts: 20,526
    There is also an existing thread about it here that might be worth updating ...

  • DeMontesDeMontes Member Posts: 745
    You can read my experience here. In summary: it’s not a play set, it’s white, it’s big, it’s iconic and it’s much cheaper now for those who want to build it thanks to the re-release!!

  • MrJacksonMrJackson Member Posts: 454
    Not sure how far along you are, but the bottom 6 portions went pretty quickly, especially after two or three got built, since they're essentially mirrors. I honestly thought the 4 minarets were very delicate and my wife agreed when she came over and knocked one over even though she barely brushed it. The four arches took between 45 minutes and an hour apiece. I found the first one or two pretty enjoyable, but by the time I got the the third and fourth they'd become a bit aggravating. The four corners of the building were fast and pretty simple builds, with the most complexion of the set coming in the arches before them.  I did really enjoy the cylinder and dome build, and the built set is really something to behold. Total build time: 8 and a half hours. 
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