Identifying Lego Sets from Bulk Quantities

neljer00neljer00 Arthur, NDMember Posts: 2
I apologize if this topic is in the wrong section; I wasn't sure where to post it. I am new to the group and look forward to the exchange.
About two weeks ago I came across a very large bin of Legos at a thrift store and picked it up for our four kids for Christmas. There are thousands and thousands of Legos in this tub and I picked it up for the unbelievable amount of $59.99. I have been going through the bin to take pieces apart, sort out random other toys, and to identify which sets had been a part of this collection. I do not have any instructions, and although I have been finding mini figures, every single one of them has been taken apart, some even down to arms and hands having been removed.

I highly doubt I will be able to identify every set that had been a part of this large bin of Legos, but there are two specific pieces that caught my eye and I was wondering if I could get the help of the community to identify which set they may have come from. (I have attached two pics). One is a white piece with a sticker. The sticker looks to be a dragon of some sort. The other piece is a minifigure head; I have ran across a couple of these heads as well as other pieces that have the same white with black dot/eye looking thing on them.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!


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