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Ex Collector - Selling all my sets

PigsfootPigsfoot Member Posts: 5
Hi All,

I'm an ex collector that has decided to part with all my sets. I have listed below all the sets i have along with set numbers. As you will see there are some real hard to find collectables in there as well as some plain old cool sets. There's even a couple in there that my kids had to build along with myself :-)

All the sets have been built once so the pieces are not in original numbered bags. However i hardly ever used the manuals preferring to work off an electronic copy on my laptop so all manuals are in excellent condition. I have never applied any stickers so all sticker sets are as new. Every set has been checked to make sure 100% all pieces are there and they all contain the figures.

All boxes are stored in sealed black bags so as to not discolor the graphics and are stored in book end fashion, i.e. on there edge again so as to not damage them.

As i have said, i am an ex collector, I appreciate the value in having good quality, well kept and looked after LEGO sets. We are a non smoking house too.

I haven't listed a price as i prefer to have people make me an offer. However i will say i am not giving them away, i expect to get market value and will have a good idea of what there worth based on sets being sold on Ebay. Please don't embarrass yourself by making ridiculous, cheap offer as they will be ignored.

I can deliver via Courier as long as your willing to pay the cost. At work we can send a parcel insured up to £500 for £12.50 next business day via Parcel Force. If you want a couple of sets i can pack as such to get maybe 2 or 3 depending on size in a single delivery. I will do my best to package them appropriately but i wont be responsible for damaged boxes via the courier. Obviously you are welcome to collect, I'm based just outside Leicester.

I prefer bank payment to avoid fees but fully understand you may not be happy with that, therefore i will take PayPal as long as the payment is marked as a friend or family and you pay the fees. If your collecting, cash on collection is fine.

Apologies if this all seems a little harsh but I'm offering the sets for sale now due to it being Christmas on the hope they will go to a home that will appreciate them. If they dont sell they will stay with me as they dont need to go and i quite like having the option to get a set out and build it :-).

Feel free to get in touch, and ask for more info on a particular set. I can take photos of boxes, manuals, sticker sets, pieces etc. If your interested in a set but its gone I'll let you know by return.


NinjaCopter 70724
Tumbler 76023
At-Te 75019
At-At 75054
R2D2 10225
4 x 4 Crawler 9398
F1 Truck 75913
Ghost Busters Car 21108
Simpons House 71006
Imperial Star Destroyer 75055
X-Wing Red Fighter 10240
Bulldozer 42028
Heart Lake Light House 41094
Fair Ground Mixer 10244
Camper Van 10220
Bennys Space Ship 70816
Minecraft Mine 21118
Millennium Falcon 7965
Technic Crane 42009
Death Star 10188
Mini Cooper 10242
MTT 75058
Customized Pick Up Truck 42029
Metalbeard's Sea Cow 70810
Palace Cinema 10232
Grand Emporium 10211
Batman Arkham Asylum 10937
Fire Brigade 10197
Emmett's Construct-o-mech 70814
Cinderella's Romantic Castle 41055
Shield Helicarrier 76042
Tower Bridge 10214
Kwik-E-Mart 71016
Republic Gunship 75021
Maersk Triple Line-E 10241
Cargo Plane 42025
City Police Station 60047
Indominus Rex Breakout 75919
Parisian Restaurant 10243
Maersk Train 10219

Maersk Train is brand new and i have never even opened the box !

Many Thanks.



  • GoldchainsGoldchains Member Posts: 795
    Great Stuff!  Can this be moved to the Marketplace?  @Huw @drdavewatford et al
  • alaskaguyalaskaguy Member Posts: 335
    I’d be more interested if you posted prices with what you want or expect to get.

    Good luck with your sale - hope you are successful.
  • NJbuilderNJbuilder Member Posts: 4
    How much for everything but r2-d2, millennium falcon, and the Simpson house? Serious inquiry. I have those 3 but would like the rest. Message me ASAP thanks 
  • CCCCCC Member Posts: 20,526
    ^ I assume he is in Leicester, UK, given the location and a UK email address. And international shipping for a collection like that is going to be expensive.
  • PigsfootPigsfoot Member Posts: 5
    Hi all, just confirm I am based in Leicester UK. Thanks
  • roxioroxio Member Posts: 1,384
    Was interested until I read the bit where you aren't responsible if buyer gets a set damaged during shipping ?
  • PigsfootPigsfoot Member Posts: 5
    edited November 2017
    Actually what i said is if the box gets damaged by a courier... i will do my best to package everything up. What i mean by that is the boxes are in pretty much mint condition and some people want that as part of the package. If this is a problem then collection woudl be a better idea.
    All sets will be sent by insured courier.. also as per my original post so any problems and the buyer will get a full refund as minimum insurance is £500.00 and can be increased if needed.
  • ToddMyersToddMyers Member Posts: 403
    edited November 2017
    I'm not sure I understand your last line above.  The courier will insure for loss of the package, but I don't think any of the major couriers will entertain claims for loss of value from damaged "mint" boxes.  I think the only damage claim that they will consider is if the toy itself (the brick) is somehow damaged.

    So neither you nor your buyers should rely on the courier insurance to cover damage to mint boxes.  The claim that "any problems and the buyer will get a full refund" is inaccurate unless that means you will be willing to refund if an insurance claim fails.
  • PigsfootPigsfoot Member Posts: 5
    I'm sorry @ToddMyers, what Lego set was you interested in ???
  • PigsfootPigsfoot Member Posts: 5
    Fire Brigade 10197 now sold. Thanks.
  • ToddMyersToddMyers Member Posts: 403
    edited November 2017
    @Pigsfoot -- I'm not interested in any of your sets.  I started selling off my own collection a little over two years ago and have sold off about 630+ sets.  You seemed to be implying that carrier insurance would cover damage to a mint box and, from what I have learned in my own experience buying my own collection and then selling it off, I thought I would comment that this is not, in fact, what will happen.   Best of luck with the sell-off, though!
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