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(UK) Various Minifigs For Sale

SirBrickalotOfLegoSirBrickalotOfLego Member Posts: 629
edited November 2017 in Marketplace
Hi all, got a few figs to sell.

#tlm002 CMF President Business with mug - £2
#tlm010 Larry the Barista with cup - £2
#tlm014 Wiley Fusebot - no accessories - £1.75
#tlm019 Ma Cop with clear base - £2
#tlm020 Pa Cop with clear base - £2
#tlm022 El Macho Wrestler - £1.75
#tlm028 Executron - £2
#tlm029 Lord Business with big legs - £5
#tlm030 Blaze Firefighter - £0.75
#tlm038 Sir Stackabrick - £1
#tlm039 Gallant Guard - £1
#tlm040 Sharon Shoehorn - £1.25
#tlm041 Blacktron Fan - £3
#tlm042 Fabu-Fan - £3
#tlm044 Robo SWAT with vest and knit cap - £2.50
#tlm048 Robo Skeleton - £1
#tlm052 Alfie the Apprentice (plumber) -£1.50
#tlm054 Dr McSrubs - £1.50
#tlm073 Angry Kitty - £2.50
#tlm075 Bizniz Kitty - £2.50
#tlm077 Unikitty - £2.50
#tlm092 Ghost Vitruvius - £2
#tlm093 Sitting Unikitty with puzzled expression - £2.50
#tlm094 Benny - £2
#tlm095 Smiling President Business - £1.75
#tlm096 Emmet - £1.50

Discounts on larger purchases. I will be adding more figs to the list. PM for offers.


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