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Gauging interest in new Duplo 5511

jmeninnojmeninno The Batcave (MA)Member Posts: 792
Hello everyone.  I have a new in box, but with some outer wear/dents, a Duplo 5511 kit/assortment of pieces.  I'm not sure i want to sell it, but I see that these are "going for" between $100 and $200 on ebay (US).  Would anyone on here be interested in purchasing this?  What is a realistic price?  Thanks!


  • gmonkey76gmonkey76 ChicagoMember Posts: 1,593
    I can't see spending anything on Duplo myself.  If i had kids to buy for I would just go down to my local store and get something new. I know some people like to use Duplo under LEGO In there citys to keep it 100% LEGO. I ever get the chance to build mine I'll probably just use plywood to build the framework and put LEGO on top. Good luck with your decision.
  • CCCCCC UKMember Posts: 18,978
    Realistic price is probably $30-40. There is absolutely nothing special about this box, it is not an old castle set or train set that someone will pay top dollar for, just plain bricks. I cannot see where you get $100-200 from, one is sitting unsold at $85 another past sale at $42.
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