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2011Legomaniac: Hello Fellow Legoholics!!...from California

2011Legomaniac2011Legomaniac Member Posts: 32
edited January 2012 in Introduce yourself
Hello all!! Ive been reading posts on the forum for a few months now, but have never posted anything. All you guys are really informative on all the deals out there, and everything else Legos, as I find myself checking the posts Thx alot to everyone who posts!
Let me start by introducing myself. Im a 33yrs old male father of wife, so I can buy all the legos i want, so long as i can afford it. I own a donut shop, and find myself spending all my profits on legos past few month...I buy legos almost on a daily basis. I'm pretty much like legoTexasfan...except that I think he's got a lil bigger problem than i do. lol...Him and I would probably get along very well. I do have a really good source for buying legos that many of you out there, dont have....I'll tell u more about it later. Im more of an investor/reseller, as i have been hoarding some sets, in hopes of returns of 200% or more in a couple yrs! It sure is fun trying to obtain all these sets, with doing the least amount of damage to my wallet. All these big, expensive sets (10xxx) $100+ are awesome! I store them all in my office...also got a bunch of legos in my room and closet...always have some in my the car as well. lol
I find myself thinking about legos almost all day long! I'm a full blown legomanic! lol I'm always trying to tell people what a good investment legos are....wish i would have started a couple yrs earlier...who know how many cafe corners, green grocer, taj, etc. i would've had...then again, i dont think many of us knew they were going to triple in value in 2 yrs.! This is what i have gotten in about 4 months of work....went from no this: 27X 10210, 20X10197, 15X10214, 10X 10211, 10X 10231, 10X 10198, 13X 10194, 10X 10193, 10X 10199, 6X 10219, 4X 10218, 4X 10220, 3X 10212, etc. Also got a bunch of star wars, harry potter, city, etc. Sorry, not trying to brag...jus astonished at the size of my collection in the little time! I'll try to post some pics, but not too fun to look at, as i have ordered a bunch of boxes from ULine, and have them stored away (this is a great source to get good storage boxes of almost any size, at a good price! ..I recommend doing this, if your running out of room. It will maximize your storage space, and keep your legos mint! Let me know if anyone needs the box sizes that i use to store my collection. Last time i did inventory, i was a lil bit over $20,000 in retail price!...I prob spent only about half of that, $10,000 in cash, and alot of work to get all this!


  • vwong19vwong19 San DiegoMember Posts: 1,179
    Welcome fellow Californian. What part of Calif? Please do tell of your Lego source. :)
  • 2011Legomaniac2011Legomaniac Member Posts: 32
    santa cruz, and you, vwong19?....I have a lady that i buy misb legos from, for roughly 30% of retail price!!! I lucked out and met her through craigslist...dats how this lego addiction all started for me. Ive been buying legos for my 7 yrs old son for a couple yrs now, but have never collected myself, til just recently. Got sick of paying TRU prices for my son's legos, so tried cL a couple times...saved like $20 on a couple buys, but nothing spectacular....til i hit the jackpot with this lady! I have bought almost $10,000 worth of legos from her over the past few months, for roughly only $3,000!
    All misb!! some of the stuff included: 10 millunium falcon, 10 republic frigate, 5 hogwarts castle, 5 black pearls, about 10 train sets, tons of other big sets, and tons of smaller sets as well....about half the stuff is star wars! (I'll attach a couple pics of part of the lot i bought from her) I have already sold most of the lot on Ebay, and traded a bunch of stuff to obtain the UCS sets that i wanna invest in....was never really into legos until i went on Ebay to research some sets to sell, and was shocked at some of the discoveries i made, such as the taj, grand carousel, cc, etc. I remember going to the lego store with my son awhile back, and remember seeing all those sets for sell in the store, and checked the price of the taj, out of curiousity. I remember thinking to myself at that time, "Who the heck is gonna pay $300 for a lego set!!! Are they serious??" lol...if we could only go back in time
  • 2011Legomaniac2011Legomaniac Member Posts: 32
    this was only about half of the lot...what you see in these pics only cost me 1,500...there's about 5,000 worth, tons of stuff buried inside the mess. That room is now filled with my UCS collection, and all other lego sets i wanna invest in. I'll try to post some more recent pics of the room, when im able to locate my camera.
  • sidersddsidersdd USAMember Posts: 2,432
    Sometimes things which sound too good to be true, just might be. Yes, I'm somewhat jealous that you have a source to get that type of discount, but a part of me wonders how legitimate/legal your source is.
  • LegoboyLegoboy 100km furtherMember Posts: 8,726
    @LegoFanTexas - You're off the hook mate! :o)
  • 2011Legomaniac2011Legomaniac Member Posts: 32
    sidersdd, i understand what your saying, but i think most people that were in my shoes would probably do the same thing, if they came across a source like that. She also sells to a few others. I didnt question her too much about where she got these legos...she said she's been collecting for ahwile, and had a few storage places, and was trying to minimize her storages. sorry sidersdd, between this and my TRU thingy, seems like im an evil person, but im really not. I do buy from legitimate sources everywhere else. btw, sidersdd, thx for all the coupons and sales alert!
  • vwong19vwong19 San DiegoMember Posts: 1,179
    I'm located in San Diego so my source for some Lego sets are at Legoland. I haven't gone the Craiglist route, but it sounds like you got a sweet deal.
  • streekerstreeker FranceMember Posts: 299
    edited January 2012
    @2011Legomaniac, you aren't at all curious how she can supply all those current sets at 70% off? Supply you and a FEW others? If's she's been collecting for a while, why is she just selling current sets, why no retired sets? The math doesn't add up, and as a business owner yourself, you should ask how is she making it worth her while selling at that deep discount. Look away from your profit margin for a second and look at hers. How is it possible?

    And no, no one is thinking you're an evil person, heck you just signed up! But as LEGO has gotten more and more popular as 'investment goods', there have been more and more elaborate scams involving LEGO sales, as you have surely read, and it's always a good policy to know as much as you can and protect yourself.

    Welcome to the forum from an ex-Californian!
  • cynthilinacynthilina Member Posts: 188
    Well I looked at the pictures and to be honest I would be worried. Allot of stores have a hard time stocking so many. Its great you got a good price and all but if she is caught and found to have stolen goods and reselling them chances are they will find the people she sold to. I have allot of volume but this seems very constant with how Lego packs their items, based on quantity of each set.
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