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API getSets returning nothing for owned/wanted = 1

RexfelisRexfelis Member Posts: 32
I'm sure I'm just doing something wonky, but I can't seem to get any results when trying to fetch the owned/wanted sets for the "logged in" user.

The request looks like so (API key cut for privacy):<apiKey>&orderBy=Number&owned=1&pageNumber=&pageSize=1000&query=&setNumber=&subtheme=&theme=&userHash=cD*8YalcEn&userName=&wanted=0&year=

And the response is just:

<ArrayOfSets xmlns:xsi="" xmlns:xsd="" xmlns="" xsi:nil="true"/>

So...trying to figure out what I'm missing...or am I just using the wrong API for getting the owned/wanted sets for a given userHash?


  • RexfelisRexfelis Member Posts: 32
    Never mind, I figured it out. Apparently my values for owned/wanted weren't being generated as strings (although it LOOKED like they were).
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