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webservice to get inventory

  I am evaluating and demo-ing a set of products, and to make it interesting I would like to use our beloved block. I have a few technologies that I need to use, and it may appear a bit forced, but I am attempting to do the following:
  • Retrieve all* sets Lego has released.
  • Parse the data and store it in a time series database
  • Chart the changes in sets over time invloving many factors such as
    • Number of sets
    • Number of themes
    • Number of pieces
    • Number of pieces broken down by
      • color
      • size
      • introduction of new elements
  This is just a beginning to what I plan on charting, but as you know; it all comes down to the data, and in my case the best way to get it. I am aware of your web services and I plan on using many of them as they are great. However, I do not see a way to get set inventory, and the set inventory is where the most interesting patterns can be found. Is there an undocumented service I could hit to get that? Is there another site that has a service available? Any advice would be appreciated.

  I will be using Apache NiFi for the workflow and web service support. Logstash for data manipulation (if necessary). InfluxDB for the time series database. Finally, Grafana for the visualization.


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Shopping at or Amazon?

Please use our links to help keep the forum online: Amazon

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