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Brickset Bonus Ball 28 October 2017, SimonB edition. Here be dragons

TheOriginalSimonBTheOriginalSimonB Felixstowe Member Posts: 1,708
Hey folks, it's that time of the week again.  Answer a simple question or share an experience and be in with the chance of winning some Lego or at the very least something Lego-related if your post number coincides with the bonus ball in Saturday's UK Lotto draw.  First 59 people get allocated that number and the lottery machine will do the selecting on Saturday night.

This week the prize is the mini green ninja mech dragon polybag.

So, this morning I had to make a 90 mile round trip to go and look at a vandalised bus station to asses for repairs.  16 broken roof panels across 6 bus shelters.  In the past I have had to go and remove vinyl letters that had been rearranged from the County name into something very rude.  All drains to the public purse.  What are your experiences with vandalism you'd care to share?

Don't forget, we are always looking for draw hosts so if you'd like to volunteer please get in touch with @snowhitie


  • ShibShib UKMember Posts: 5,481
    Excellent question and I have a two great answers, both of a similar nature...

    I grew up in a little village called Inkpen, when I was 19 someone added a P to the front and is to the end of one of the signs as you enter the village...19years I’d lived there and never thought of that!

    in the same village there was a guy who I know who got into a lot of trouble after his parents looked at their house on google earth and noticed there was a giant penis painted on a flat section of roof - turns out that while they were away a couple of years earlier he’d got the idea of painting something on the roof and thought he’d never get caught!
  • dmcc0dmcc0 Nae far fae AberdeenMember Posts: 778
    I remember my last day of Primary School many years ago. When the last bell went a few of the kids in my year went round and smashed pretty much every window on the building. It was (still is?) a pretty rough part of town :-(
  • GallardoLUGallardoLU USAMember Posts: 644
    edited October 2017
    My senior year (12th grade/last year) of high school our class prank involved the maintenance staff. They agreed to modify the school doors so each driving senior could park their cars in the school halls. In total we had 34 cars in the school! A few years later I returned and some of the oil stains were still there. 
  • CaptainPirateManCaptainPirateMan MichiganMember Posts: 353
    I've seen racist words spray painted on houses.
  • GothamConstructionCoGothamConstructionCo Colchester UKMember Posts: 791
    Does breaking the seals on retired sets count as vandalism ? @Legoboy
  • Rainstorm26Rainstorm26 Chicago Burbs USA (and sometimes Ireland)Member Posts: 1,004
    Someone stole the wooden sign for a park near my house.  Don't know what the point of that was.
  • snowhitiesnowhitie BelgiumMember Posts: 3,060
    Not got that much experience with it myself, but Mary Whitehouse has thought me that M. Kahn is bent.
  • BumblepantsBumblepants DFW/BGMember Posts: 7,295
    This beautiful re-imagining of a massive Soviet era monument in my adopted country is hilariously well executed:
  • FowlerBricksFowlerBricks USAMember Posts: 1,714
    I've never vandalized anything and I don't plan to, but the most recent vandalism I've seen was spray painted words that said "they have eyes, but do not see. They have ears, but do not hear" Kinda deep for vandalism. I wonder who the vandal was talking about.  
  • CCCCCC UKMember Posts: 20,309
    We had a kid at school whose surname was Uckton. His locker nameplate always got vandalised.

    We also had a S. Potter. He regularly had "train" written above his name.
  • cmrt1014cmrt1014 Member Posts: 396
    None personally, but do recall from high school that the "mission bell" that our school had out front would get either painted a rival school's colors or temporarily "relocated" during the fall.
  • DB361DB361 UKMember Posts: 290
    The biggest act of vandalism I've ever seen was when somebody tore down the signs outside Newcastle's St James' Park and put up Sports Direct Arena signs instead. Thankfully the culprit is soon to leave the city - hopefully....
  • TkattTkatt MNMember Posts: 472
    About 10 years ago I worked at a small cafe. One morning I got to work at about 6am and noticed that all the cars parked on the street had the front and back windshields smashed. The police were able to catch the guy who had done it. The owner of one of the first cars to be hit had called the police and on their way to check it out they drove past the vandal two blocks away still busy breaking car windows with a bat. 
  • Toc13Toc13 Member Posts: 1,121
    Mostly my involvement of vandalism is reading the graffiti on toilet doors. Nigel Rees was a collector of such back in the day & my favourite was the somewhat bewildering
    "Shetland ponies have earlobes"
  • LuLegoLuLego UKMember Posts: 1,010
    I work in a primary school and recently a boy got hold of a marker pen and wrote on the headteacher’s door in huge letters...his own name! 
  • paul_mertonpaul_merton UKMember Posts: 2,967
    When I was living in halls, some people went around in the dead of night turning every sign inside the building upside down. It might seem funny (well, it did to them) and like harmless fun, but it's not really a great idea when the fire exit signs end up pointing the wrong way.
  • SirBrickalotOfLegoSirBrickalotOfLego WalesMember Posts: 629
    The most common things I see are in public bathrooms (not that I like to frequent them but when you’ve got to go, you’ve got to go). Most of it is the usual rubbish but I’ve seen some really insightful and witty things in some!
  • RedbullgivesuwindRedbullgivesuwind Brickset's Secret HeadquatersMember Posts: 2,052
    edited October 2017

    Greatest act of vandalism I have seen is what successive governments keep doing to UK public services.

    Everyone loves a divisive post :-) 

  • Mr_CrossMr_Cross East Anglia (UK)Member Posts: 1,619
    My wife drives a bit for work and whilst out recently saw someone had spray painted "NO PARKIN" on the road outside their house.
  • mampepinmampepin CanadaMember Posts: 66
    The buildings that hosted my university courses both had concrete emergency staircases that students used as a diary. It was always a bit comforting to know that others went to the same hardships.
  • MasterBeefyMasterBeefy US of AMember Posts: 121
    There's often vandalized cmf packs at the local target.
  • LegoboyLegoboy 100km furtherMember Posts: 8,837
    edited October 2017
    Something I may have (or may not have) been involved in 30 years ago might have (or might not have) involved a flash car.
  • Switchfoot55Switchfoot55 The Northwest, USAMember Posts: 2,704
    After attending a major league baseball game with my dad, we returned to our car to find the "B" word etched deeply into the driver side of the vehicle. And not little...from fender to quarter panel, window to runner boards. 

    That was a fun ride home...
  • Speedman29Speedman29 UKMember Posts: 2,124
    edited October 2017
    Somebody decided that our £25k laser network link looked like CCTV and smashed it off the wall with a scaffold pole!

    The greatest local vandalism is the person who decided to add to the already paint daubed bridge over the M25 near the M40 junction. Years ago the word PEAS was painted on the side. A little while later, some wag added "GIVE" and  "A CHANCE" either side and thus the legend was born. The bridge has its own facebook page
  • alldarkeralldarker NetherlandsMember Posts: 225
    Vandals kicked off the mirror off my car. Also, some **** keyed the side of my car. I hate vandals...
  • Coolguy5000Coolguy5000 Ireland Member Posts: 1,570
    Vandalism in bathrooms
  • HarrymattpotterHarrymattpotter UKMember Posts: 46
    I was down at a local Makro (Not sure if they exist outside of the Uk) and noticed that the M was missing on the giant sign. Pretty sure someone sole it but it must have been pretty difficult to get home!
  • bandit778bandit778 Docking Bay 94. Member Posts: 2,335
    Living in East Sussex for much of my early life I was always amused by the amount of times the sign for the River Uck was vandalised with an F before they made the sign like this....
     to stop the vandalism.

    But as you can see, it could well do with being slightly smaller as it appears people are still trying it. 
  • MynattMynatt OH/NYMember Posts: 624
    There is a coffee shop that I sometimes go to and one of the windows over looks a waterfall that goes through a tunnel. You can really only see the inside of the tunnel from the inside of the coffee shop (its hard to explain but I can only be viewed from one angle). From the coffee shop you could look down on the inside of the tunnel and there one morning a few years ago someone had written “Will you go to hoco (homecoming) with me?” Thought it was pretty creative despite the vandalism and all.
  • ricecakericecake Maryland, USAMember Posts: 879
    I never participated in it, but I went to Georgia Tech as an undergrad, and there is a long-standing tradition of stealing the giant 'T' off the top of one of the towers.

  • LobotLobot UKMember Posts: 1,016

    About 10 years ago I lived in the Willows, Torquay which is a massive new estate.  All of the roads have tragic names, including a rather lovely 'Badgers Rise'.....

    I'm a very law-abiding type of person, but it took every ounce of my self restraint not to add a carefully crafted.... 'Up'

  • SeijiAmasawaSeijiAmasawa USMember Posts: 257
    I once was thinking of dressing up as a Vandal or Visigoth for Halloween.
  • SumoLegoSumoLego New YorkMember Posts: 15,023
    edited October 2017
    There may have been a house in Western New York that was adorned with projectile eggs about 20 years ago.

    And one piece of bologna.
  • MattDawsonMattDawson Solihull, UKMember Posts: 1,374
    I've seen several bits of vandalism. 

    Repeated bus stop window smashes. 
    Someone decorating a chair at my workplace with (good, admittedly) Portal doodle art on the arm rest. 
    Stickers on signs advertising a band/event/food/drink (sometimes people stick on top of others so you get a 3D-effect
  • stluxstlux LuxembourgMember Posts: 2,447
    Luxembourg is a rather neat country, with low levels of vandalism. And dedicated spaces for graffiti ensures a) the practitioners of that particular art form make an effort b) there's not much wild graffiti. Very different from Budapest where I lived before...

    In Belgium it's a tradition to celebrate that you have only 100 more days left to the end of high school. Somebody celebrated by sneaking the night before into our school, and hang the desks from several classrooms out of the 3rd floor windows. That was balanced out by providing breakfast in the teachers' lounge...

    Thanks @TheOriginalSimonB for organising this week!
  • woony2woony2 UKMember Posts: 336
    I could list dozens of funny vandalism moments, as I used to work for the police. My favourite was a bloke who kept vandalising his ex's property. One winters night he decided to put a brick through her car windscreen. He selected his brick and threw it with all his might. He could see that the car had a blanket across the screen to stop the frost overnight, what he couldn't have known about was the sheet of plywood under the blanket. The brick came straight back at him and hit him squarely in the forehead knocking him to his stupid ass. Despite all this being caught very clearly on cctv and having a huge egg shaped lump on his head when arrested the next morning he still tried to deny all knowledge. He did ultimately serve a sentence due to the levels of harassment and harm he caused to the family. My other favourite is the sign for a village called 'long itchington' being changed to 'long itchy dick' It was done so professionally that it was left for months. Made me chuckle every time I drove past it.
  • redarmyredarmy AberdeenMember Posts: 734
    To every halfwit in Aberdeen who think they are Banksy (sp)[email protected]&* Off....and i don't care to know who is a slut and who has a small knob at every bus-stop...jeez i'm old..
  • eggsheneggshen Middleton, WIMember Posts: 590
    I used to be a manager at a big box store, we constantly had to deal with vandalism in our bathrooms, our parking lot, and the outside of the building. I wish people thought about how stuff like that just drives up prices. If the store has to constantly repair things, they have to charge higher prices to maintain their profit margins. 

    It still happens at a smaller scale at the store I manage part time, but not nearly as often as at a big box store.

    I also see a ton of vandalism on the city buses, including at the bus stops. Again, driving up prices of bus passes to repair stuff. Really irritating.
  • SirBenSirBen In the Hall of the Mountain KingMember Posts: 589
    The small people in my home ("Not I," "He did it" & "She did it") have decorated several walls with hieroglyphic-inspired pencil murals. 
  • TheFewTheFew EnglandMember Posts: 1,729
    I once pulled two lego bricks apart. I still feel the shame.
  • LittleLoriLittleLori CanadaMember Posts: 154
    Since Hallowe'en is almost here, I get upset when pumpkins are taken and smashed.
  • Lego_StarLego_Star ... in a galaxy far, far away.Member Posts: 2,147
    I really wanted this little set when it first came out, so I bought it from a toy store at rrp. It left the store in pristine condition.

    I cannot speak of what happened to result in exhibit (a) and (b) photos below but suffice to say it was repeated deliberate acts of vandalism and not accidental...





    Apologies for the blurriness of (b) but the photographer was under duress.
  • CoviCovi BelgiumMember Posts: 314
    Some years ago somebody tought it would be funny to pass all the cars which were parked outside a football stadium and smash the of those cars was mine...
  • MugenPowerMugenPower Member Posts: 598
    Cars at my high school were egged or had stuff scribbled on them with deodorant by a neighboring school while we were enjoying our "'senior night" event.
  • Habitant99Habitant99 FloridaMember Posts: 99
    When I lived in Michigan, when I was much younger and in university, I was once involved in the theft of a road sign.  For Big Beaver Road.  Not my proudest moment, but my 20 year old self found it hilarious.
  • devilheaddevilhead Member Posts: 282

    The middle school I attended was vandalized.  Somebody broke in and spray painted 'Hail Satin' on the wall.

  • MrJ_NYMrJ_NY A flick missle away from Brickagara FallsMember Posts: 592
    That time I took my young children to a park,someone had spray painted graffiti on a picnic table near the playground & upon reading it my daughter asked me "Why would anyone want to eat a cat?"
  • monkeyhangermonkeyhanger Member Posts: 3,153
    My neighbour keyed my car because I had the audacity to park on the kerb directly outside my house (where they normally park) rather than my driveway, as I had some wood on the drive. Caught redhanded on my dashcam. Posted a pic from the video into every house on my street with a message to be on the lookout for vandals. Also called the Police. I'd havd given the culprit a punch in the face had it been the husband rather than the wife!

    I've never understood the joy that losers get from scribbling on stuff...
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