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FS (UK/WW) Dimensions Figures / Discs / Models Etc

stino100stino100 Member Posts: 20

Hi All,

Having a clearout of my Dimensions sets. All are brand new and unused, most have been opened to remove the figures I have been collecting. Please message me with offers. Postage is at cost and payments by Paypal.

71248 Mission Impossible Level Pack

Ethan Hunt (Disc Only)

IMF Scrambler (Model and Disc)

IMF Sport Car (Model and Disc)

71230 Back to the Future

Doc Brown (Disc Only)

Traveling Time Train (Model and Disc)

71214 Benny Fun Pack

Benny (Disc Only)

Benny's Spaceship (Model and Disc)

71220 Gimli Fun Pack

Gimli (Disc Only)

Axe Chariot (Model and Disc)

71219 Legolas Fun Pack

Legolas (Disc Only)

Arrow Launcher (Model and Disc)

71213 Bad Cop Fun Pack

Bad Cop (Disc Only)

Police Car (Model and Disc)

71209 Wonder Woman Fun Pack

Wonder Woman (Disc Only)

Invisible Jet (Model and Disc)

71247 Harry Potter Team Pack

Enchanted Car (Model and Disc)

Harry Potter (Disc Only)

Lord Voldemort (Disc Only)

Hogwarts Express (Model and Disc)

71206 Scooby Doo Team Pack

Scooby Snack (Model and Disc)

Scooby Doo (Disc Only)

Shaggy (Disc Only)

Mystery Machine (Model and Disc)

71256 Gremlins Team Pack

RC Racer (Model and Disc)

Gizmo (Disc Only)

Stripe (Disc Only)

Flash 'n' Finish (Model and Disc)

71216 Nya Fun Pack

Nya (Minifigure and Disc)

Samurai Mech (Model and Disc)

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