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Hello from Aberdeen, Scotland

HalfPintOfInnesHalfPintOfInnes Aberdeen, ScotlandMember Posts: 10
Long time lurker of the main site, but thought I'd join in on the conversation over here! 

Only been collecting Lego for just over a year, started off buying small sets after my counsellor suggested it may help with my anxiety disorder, which it has done, but it very quickly became a full-time hobby soon after that.

Don't really have a main focus on which sets I buy, more just if I like the look of them, so got a pretty well-rounded collection across all the themes.


Hope to see some of you guys around :)


  • eggsheneggshen Middleton, WIMember Posts: 567
    Welcome to the forum!
  • MaffyDMaffyD West YorkshireMember Posts: 2,798
    Hello! Welcome to the forum. I saw your post on Reddit but couldn't think of anything to say apart from "Are you sure it's just vinyl as I am certain those are CDs further up" and I didn't think it was a meaningful addition to the conversation! Nice collection - glad it's helping you, and look forward to seeing what else you add to your shelves!
  • omniumomnium Brickenham, UKMember Posts: 820
    Those shelves will never be enough, move to a bigger place now while you have the chance ;-)
  • nexandernexander Glasgow Member Posts: 898
    Hello and welcome! There are a few (true) north east people on here and that area has a fair few afols not on here. If you have been to any shows up there you will have met them.

    It's an interesting time for afols in Scotland atm and 2018 should be a great year.  My wife also uses Lego to help with anxiety  (we are being interviewed on Monday about it) so it's good to hear it helps other too (rather than us just saying it does).  Depending how active you are will likely bump into you at some point.
  • MegtheCatMegtheCat Houston, TXMember Posts: 500
    Welcome to the forum! I really like the looks of your collection - so organized!
  • redarmyredarmy AberdeenMember Posts: 729
    Fit likey an foos yer doos?
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