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FS: The HTF Lego plastic Swan (big version, 50's)

brickgittbrickgitt Member Posts: 25

I'm from Denmark and collect a lot of toys'n'stuff, including all kind of standard size Lego bricks and also other (vintage) Lego toys. Several years ago I bought a Lego plastic Swan at a flea-market. Lego made a small and a big plastic Swan in the early 50's - the one I bought is the big one. It is a incredible rare piece.

By a coincidence I saw the same rare Swan as mine (diff. color) at a Dutch Lego-site ( The same site says that only 6 examples of the Swan is known (own) by collectors worldwide + a Danish museum have one example ( zwaan eng.htm). My Swan is marbled in different shades of brown (see pics) - I have not seen another of these Swans in same color.

I would like to sell my Swan, because of my "current overall situation" - a fair offer from you and it soon could be a part of your Lego Toys collection....

My Swan is in good condition - it is complete/not broken but either it is not mint - it looks like it have been glued at some time (??) - please check the pictures.

You are welcome to ask for more pics and info....

Mikael Gitt
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