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Hello, all. Are there parts lists/order forms for discontinued Star Wars UCS sets?

New guy -- first post, so apologies if I'm asking dumb/noob questions.  No, I did not search the entire archives first.

I'm interested in several of the Star Wars UCS sets that are NLA and I'm wondering if there is a database somewhere of the parts lists for the kits, so that I could order them and build the sets (even if they don't have decals).

I've never ordered parts-in-bulk and I have no idea what I'm doing, so guidance would be appreciated.

Specifically, I'd like to get the plans for/buy the parts for/ build the following:

TIE Advanced 10175
Imperial Shuttle 10212
TIE Interceptor 7181
X-Wing 10240
X-Wing 7191
Star Destroyer 10030

It's not about the "collectability" of having an originally-issued kit; I'd just like to build these and have them for display.

Thanks in advance.



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As an Amazon Associate we earn from qualifying purchases.