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FS/FT (UK) SNES Classic Mini. Maybe trade for NISB sets

iso3200iso3200 Member Posts: 2,065
I wouldn't normally post this kind of thing in here, but it's kinda Lego related if trades come up :o)

So I did my pre-order for the SNES Mini then completely forgot about it. Got the in stock notice and picked it up on day one and it's been in the box ever since. I've got to be realistic that I'm not going to to get much time this side of Christmas as there's PS4 and XBone things that'll take priority, as well as real life. I haven't even opened it yet.

Everyone knows it's RRP £80, and everyone knows they're fetching a bit more on eBay which is where I'll be sticking it shortly (£1 fees offer came at the right time!).

However, I know some forum members wanted one and couldn't get one. Also some members run out of funds due to an obscenely expensive Lego set coming out a little while ago.

So... while I'd like to make back around £100 on eBay so I can spend in a Brand Store to get a 40178, I thought I'd offer it up here first to see if it'll help someone.

I am possibly open to trades for new Lego sets, but I can't really say what. If you have something of similar value, or more (if you did a 3for2 recently) then I might be interested. I can only say no. might be worth a look, though it's not strictly up to date. I don't neccessarily mind dupes of things I already own either.

Alternatively, if someone in London wanted it, I'd take a cash offer plus some Lester polybags.

Postage will be at cost if sold, or free if traded.

PMs only. No proposals on thread.


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