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2017 Brickset Secret Santa



  • HugeYellowBrickHugeYellowBrick Member Posts: 496
    So my recipient has some free-with-purchase items on his/her wanted list. I have those items. How do I calculate the £15 price guideline? Free or Bricklink or eBay prices?
  • HanzoHanzo Member Posts: 607
    I personally would count them at their estimated RRP like when they say this gift is a X dollar value type deal.
  • FowlerBricksFowlerBricks Member Posts: 1,731
    ^That should work.
  • M1J0EM1J0E Member Posts: 644
    Has anyone tried sending items direct to their recipients from S@H?  After combing my usual spots for deals today, based on the recipients wanted list I’ll have to choose something direct at normal price.  But it seems far more efficient to send it direct to them rather than have it  sent to me then me resending it on.  Twice the time & twice the cost to have it sent to me first.
  • bandit778bandit778 Member Posts: 2,397
    So my recipient has some free-with-purchase items on his/her wanted list. I have those items. How do I calculate the £15 price guideline? Free or Bricklink or eBay prices?
    A lot of it will depend on what you value the items at, I personally don't worry what freebies are worth as a lot are just a bonus for buying what I would have brought anyway and I don't sell Lego so I don't look at the prices of what I have.
    I know others points of view differ but at the end of the day this is just a bit of fun to give someone a nice surprise Christmas morning so ultimately it will come down to the individual.
  • snowhitiesnowhitie Member Posts: 3,078
    edited November 2017
    @hugeyellowbrick Well, the idea is that you spend around 15 pounds/20 euro on the gift. If you have a poly or a minifig that you got free but that is worth more on bricklink or to yourself, maybe better keep it. If you don't mind too much about the worth and just want to make someone happy, chuck it in ;) Like @bandit778 said, the perceived value is very different amongst Legofans.

    @M1J0E If you want to send some items straight from sh@p/amazon/... that is off course okay, I would however, notify you coordinator who can then let your recipient know that they should expect a gift that will not be gift-wrappend. So they should then not open the packing box until the 25th.

    For everyone, a question that came up a couple of times, if you want to see which loose figures someone is after you can use this url: and then change the Snowhitie by your Santee's nickname.
  • ShibShib Member Posts: 5,477
    edited November 2017
    ^also worth considering looking at their owned list - e.g - as another source of inspiration if you are stuck, such as a person with a wanted list that is all stuff massively over the budget.
  • omniumomnium Member Posts: 831
    snowhitie said:
    For everyone, a question that came up a couple of times, if you want to see which loose figures someone is after you can use this url: and then change the Snowhitie by your Santee's nickname.
    I think your link is for sets you want. Did you mean this for loose figures?
  • snowhitiesnowhitie Member Posts: 3,078
    Yes, d'oh! I'm sorry ;) Thanks @omnium
  • M1J0EM1J0E Member Posts: 644
    Thanks for the tips @snowhitie that got my secret Santa contribution done & done!
  • Speedman29Speedman29 Member Posts: 2,337
    If your Santee is a bit vague and their wanted list and owned list is all big expensive sets, stalk them through the forum. Last year I read back through a few months of posts to see what they were buying/selling and talking about to get a picture of them.

    As for value, look on Bricklink for rough guide prices or if its a polybag have a look at marketplace and see if somebody has sold one recently. This is my second year doing it, so I was thinking about it a few months back and kept a look out for Christmasy sets cheap before the festive rush. Its so long since I got one thing I've forgotten how much I paid so its gone in as an extra!

    TBH as long as you put a bit of thought into it and make an effort then people are happy with anything. Last year I got a microfighter, Chinese New Year chicken and a couple of polybags and a bauble to open before the 25th. I was chuffed.

    If you're shipping via Royal Mail, buy the postage online and just print out the label and tape in place. It normally saves you a few pence on the cost dependant on the weight.
  • TheOriginalSimonBTheOriginalSimonB Member Posts: 1,793
    ^I may (or may not) have to buy a new printer so not much of a saving!  But good idea though.
  • Matt89190Matt89190 Member Posts: 307
    I may (or may not) have set wheels in motion with stuff for my recipient. Or maybe a "wheel" is simply a made-up concept created as part of my long-game to create confusion...
  • CalvCalv Member Posts: 904
    I completely forgot about secret santa this year so I will sit this one out and will be back again next year. All you others have a good time and I look forward to seeing the results. If there are any other laggards and we can be accomodated I will gladly join in again this year.
  • Bricklover18Bricklover18 Member Posts: 722
    Updated my wanted list...
  • MaffyDMaffyD Member Posts: 3,575

    Number 2 in a series of weekly posts. I have either:

    1. further refined my idea of what to gift;

    2. started putting together my gift;

    3. posted my gift off; or

    4. not yet started anything.

    This may or may not contradict previous updates about my activities. This is entirely accidental and deliberate.

    NB: this may or may not be the second post, and the frequency may or may not be weekly. Just to make sure the actual information contained in this post is precisely zero. Or is it?

    Thanks for reading!

  • Muftak1Muftak1 Member Posts: 554
    ^ What he said!
  • MattDawsonMattDawson Member Posts: 1,492
    edited November 2017
    I've yet to see a post saying a Santee has received their gift, but apparently 5(?) have already sent theirs... surely one must've arrived by now? Or are people keeping stum to preserve the mystery? 

    EDIT: For the person who is stalking me, no, this wasn't aimed at you!
  • snowhitiesnowhitie Member Posts: 3,078
    @Calv you have been added to the mix thanks to the magic of the season, you should have a PM.

    I've done my stalking as well and getting organised.
  • gratefulnatgratefulnat Member Posts: 432
    Christmas stocking stalkers are stalkers I wholeheartedly appreciate!

    I believe I might have a package nearly ready to be sent, most likely, could be a little more stalking is needed before the stocking is sufficiently filled!
  • bandit778bandit778 Member Posts: 2,397
    Can't believe so many are this organised and have the Secret Santa thing all worked out already.
    Really need to get down to some proper stalking as some serious inspiration is needed. Hopefully the phone taps, video cameras and private detective I've hired can find me some useful hints and tips into my recipient. 
  • Russell844Russell844 Member Posts: 2,482
    I am waiting on one more thing and then I'll be done.
  • Speedman29Speedman29 Member Posts: 2,337
    Might have shipped mine already.....of have I?
  • William_TownsleyWilliam_Townsley Member Posts: 880
    That’s everything bought, 

    I’ve planned well this year! 
  • CoviCovi Member Posts: 339
    Trying to solve the shipping's a hard quest. Only for heroes like Santa. ;-)
  • rdflegordflego Member Posts: 324
    I've sourced one or two small things for my recipient but haven't finished yet. Good news is that I have an excellent box to ship everything in :D
  • snowhitiesnowhitie Member Posts: 3,078
    @Covi regarding the shipping quest, I was looking into that as well. If you use a service like UPS service point, it seems its about 8,2 to another European country, but then the recipient has to go and pick it up in a UPS location. So maybe that's an issue for some people. It might be differnt for different European countries, but I tried 4 and it was all the same.

    Otherwise, I've found a site '' that you can use to send cheaper parcels. I've just sold some medical equipment on the local gumtree and someone in the Netherlands is buying it. Instead of the 16,40 it would cost me with bpost, using this website it would be 13,4. I think they are registered as a freight shipper and have a contract with bpost for lower tariffs. it looks all legit and thinking of using it, unless they buyer prefers to use the UPS service point.
  • CoviCovi Member Posts: 339
    I use most of the time PostNL when shipping abroad. The offer good service and cheaper then BPost. Tracking is included.
  • snowhitiesnowhitie Member Posts: 3,078
    @covi thanks, I never realised that you could use that in Belgium. Cheers!
  • HangedSanchezHangedSanchez Member Posts: 310

    I've had a stroke of luck with my shopping so far! Researching my target on Monday, I saw a few sets on their want list that might be good.

    Checking my phone first thing Tuesday morning, lo! one of them for sale via Facebook, sealed and less than 50% RRP! Impeccable timing, and a good start!

  • plasmodiumplasmodium Member Posts: 1,956
    Last year I just had a bit of a revelation as to what to get my santee - the idea struck me more or less fully-formed a little while after having just scanned through their profile. This year I'm sitting here waiting for inspiration to strike, but I'm going to have to get my act together and do some proper thinking if nothing hits me soon...
  • historymanhistoryman Member Posts: 377
    I’ve started to get a few things together now
  • FowlerBricksFowlerBricks Member Posts: 1,731
    Well, I've got mine almost ready to ship...or do I?
  • Jern92Jern92 Member Posts: 893
    This might be a silly question, but I've been trying to buy something off Bricklink and get it sent directly to my Secret Santee. However, I'm running into issues where Bricklink doesn't let me use a delivery address in a different country from where I am. I have tried writing to the shop in question about whether I can send them a separate delivery address but haven't received a reply for ages so I don't think I will.

    In this situation, in order to actually get the stuff delivered, do I simply change my account details to the name and address of my Secret Santee and then make the purchase that way? Obviously I'll still be using my own credit cards, but that seems like the only workaround for the problem.
  • FowlerBricksFowlerBricks Member Posts: 1,731
    ^and so it begins!
  • historymanhistoryman Member Posts: 377
    I've finished getting everything for my SS!
  • gratefulnatgratefulnat Member Posts: 432
    Package ready for delivery to the post office.
  • dave_bennydave_benny Member Posts: 17
    Gifts all sorted.  Today's task is box sourcing & wrapping.  Should be a good opportunity to get a head start on all other Xmas wrapping but just seems too soon somehow! 
  • FowlerBricksFowlerBricks Member Posts: 1,731
    Mine is off and away!
  • eanaireanair Member Posts: 155
    ^ That wrapping paper is fab!

    Box & packing material stolen, eh I mean borrowed for keeps, from work....Let the wrapping & packing begin!
  • MaffyDMaffyD Member Posts: 3,575
    Ooh, must also say that the wrapping is lovely, and the outer package was protected by SO MUCH bubble wrap and foam - I don’t think I’ve ever had such care being taken with a delivery! You are something special, Santa! :-)
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