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Toys R Us 2017 Bricktober Minifigures UK

SpaceCadet01SpaceCadet01 Member Posts: 4
Hi all :)
Does anyone know if or when this year's Bricktober Minifigures will be available in the UK?


  • Toc13Toc13 Member Posts: 1,144
    From comments elsewhere, it seems TRU employees don't even know what they are, let alone when.
    Best guesses so far seem to be 'end of month'
  • LegoboyLegoboy Member Posts: 8,825
    It will be interesting to see whether TRU even have the stock to distribute to their retail outlets.  I wonder if LEGO had already halted shipments to them prior to them filing for bankruptcy.
  • Mr_HobblesMr_Hobbles Member Posts: 321
    TRU UK isn’t affected. Different company, just the US arm went bankrupt. Business as usual in the UK.

    Hope we get them soon. :)
  • LegoboyLegoboy Member Posts: 8,825
    Apologies.  Shows what I know, or don't.  I thought I'd read across fb last week a ton of worried UK based parents not knowing to buy Santa's gifts this year.  Looks like I was just another of them believing the b.s. online.  :)

  • Mr_HobblesMr_Hobbles Member Posts: 321
    No need for apologies. :) Just relaying what I’ve read in statements by TRU UK in the media. I’m guessing those haven’t been as widely reported as the attention grabbing “Toys R Us bankrupt” headline, explaining the unnecessarily worried parent situation.
  • SeanTheCollectorSeanTheCollector Member Posts: 765
    I was told by a TRU manager who works the BRICK LIVE event in Birmingham NEC that they will be available at the event from 26/Oct/2017.
  • FireheartFireheart Member Posts: 631
    I was told by TRU uk customer services in September that they have been ordered and that they should be out the first week of October in the UK.. 
  • ateagueateague Member Posts: 171
    Let’s hope they come out soon, and everyone who want them for their collection, can do so...
  • ateagueateague Member Posts: 171
    I can’t wait to add them to my Batman collection. Have every variant going and plan to keep it that way :)
  • MattDawsonMattDawson Member Posts: 1,469
    Couldn't see them in my local yesterday, either in the Lego section or by the tills.
  • RecceRecce Member Posts: 923
    Shouldn't the Bricktober promo starts on 1st week of Oct and lasts for 4 weeks?

    26 Oct seems a little late to start an Oct promo event. 
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