I wrote a program to render animated builds in POV-Ray

pugwonkpugwonk Seattle, WAMember Posts: 5
Would be most interested in your thoughts - program and instructions are here. I also wrote a Reddit post with a little more detail about it here (there's a sample video attached to that one).

It essentially takes the output from LDD to POV-Ray and then animates the build brick-by-brick using POV-Ray's built in animation functions. You can rotate the build during animation, and choose to use a build order either from LDD (it kinda remembers what order you made the thing in) or BluePrint, the instruction generator.

Interested in any comments either here or on Reddit. Apologies for the cross-posting but this is my first foray into posting on Lego forums and I honestly don't know exactly what it is the cool kids look at the most!

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