{UK, Swindon} - Wanted MISB 75192 UCS Millennium Falcon

LegoFan1970LegoFan1970 Member Posts: 81

Has anyone got a spare MISB 75192 UCS Millennium Falcon they want to trade for some other New & Sealed sets up to a similar value.

I'll be at the Brick show at the STEAM museum in Swindon on 7th and 8th October if anyone wants to meet up to do a trade.917

Some of the sets I've got to include in a possible trade include 42008, 42009, 42025, 42029, 42039, 42042, 42043, 42052, 42055, 42056, 42066, 42068, 42069, 42070, 70916, 70917, 75020, 75105, 75106, 75184, 21310 (Signed)

I've got lots of others so if there is a specific set/them you are looking for let me know.

Would want to meet up to do the trade so that both parties can get happy before the trade happens.

Message me if anyone can help


  • LegoFan1970LegoFan1970 Member Posts: 81
    Would also consider selling some of the sets for cash to save up and buy it myself later, let me know
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