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LegopantsLegopants GermanyMember Posts: 1,912

Hello Bricksetters!

Yes - it's time for a giveaway. Of tat. That's random.

I'll explain how you can win this pile of poo in the next post.
But first let me present the tat to be given away...

The huge prize fund comprises both "Lego tat" and "non-Lego tat".

First up, the Lego tat:

1) An incredible quartet of Star Wars polys and Friends polys.
Yes, indeed! Wow your friends with these 4 fantastic polys!

2) An unbelievable clutch of City and Nexo Knights delights.
Crumbs! Now that's what I call quality tat!

3) Mr. Gold.
Nah, not really. But these CMFs are very nearly almost as good!

4) The fabled "Kiss Kiss Tuxedo Batman" keychain poly.
It doesn't get any better than this! No, honestly, it really doesn't.

And now for the non-Lego tat:

1) A bag.
Yes, but not any old bag! It's a 100% cotton bag with a poorly applied Lego logo and dodgy stitching. Made in Germany (possibly).

2) Spunk.
I've been desperate to offload my Spunk for ages! It comes in two exciting flavours: salty or fruity. You choose. And if you don't like the taste, just spit it out.

3) A pack of Haribo Fizzy Gold Bears.
Give yourself a well-deserved sugar rush. But take care! These tang-tastic bad boys have got a high fizzzz factor!

4) A pack of "emotions edition" tic tacs.
Ever thought that the world would be a much better place if tic tacs had faces? No? Me neither. But somebody obviously did! Six deelish flaves: Miffed Mooli, Pissed-Off Potato, Grumpy Gherkin, Angry Aubergine, Furious Fennel and Moody Mushroom. Enjoy.



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