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Bricklinked 10179 MF for sale -UK

monkeyhangermonkeyhanger Member Posts: 3,169
Hi everyone, I really won't have room for new and old MFs when my backorder finally arrives, so i'm looking to shift my Bricklinked 10179.

It has very few substitutions (6L umbrella sticks rather than the 6.6L you can no longer get, the little antennas are old light grey stick on a LBG base and the cylindrical pieces have slots in (safety feature for kids who swallow Lego?), and the crew minifigs are the full complement from system #7965 MF. Some of the unseen technic interior might be different colours to stock e.g. black technic rectangular beams instead of yellow. Other than that, it has all the expensive parts you'd expect such as the printed dish, LBG rigging and the big dark red plate on the base. PM me for pics. It has no UCS plaque parts and I was missing about 8 parts on the interior of the ramp mechanism that I never got around to procuring (so ramp is closed). Made colour printouts of the 3 manuals in those crimp-bind books. I think that's everything to say about it. I don't think i'll get the chance to properly disassemble and bag pieces into sections as we're expecting to adopt 2 girls in less than 2 weeks time.

Was looking to get somewhere close to £400 delivered (UK). Local pickup from the North Tyneside area vould also be arranged.





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