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UCS Falcon Leicester Square Event - VIP Card Swap

Mr_HobblesMr_Hobbles San FranciscoMember Posts: 228
So based on previous discussions around here, the consensus of people who attended the event and got their Falcons is that TLG should have given out the appropriately numbered black VIP card for the queue card you had, ie. If you were in queue position 21, they should have given you VIP card 021.

However as we know, what actually happened is that you got a random one out of the hundred available. Case in point, I was queue position 93/150, and got VIP card 17.

I had my falcon signed and numbered with 93/150 (And am very happy with that), but I wouldn't lie if it's a little annoying the VIP card doesn't match.

With that in mind, does anyone have card 093, that they'd be willing to swap for card 017?

I thought we could also use this thread as a general swap thread for those with these cards if others want to do the same.



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