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Hello from Sydney AU.

CharmiefcbCharmiefcb SydneyMember Posts: 145
I am someone that has gotten back into Lego in the last 5 years or so.
I did play with sets as a child in the 90's but thanks to gender stereotypes my parents only got me Paradisa and sometimes little Town sets. My brothers got the Castles and various space themed sets, and later took posession of my sets after I built them and turned them into forts with guns and lasers attatched. My pizza parlour and resort sets looked like a warzone after they were finished with them.
Then we moved to Australia and I got into other things growing up.

One day it just happened. I saw the Grand Emporium. I just had to have it. It was so cute.
Built it then wanted more. So I saw the Town Hall with the bride and groom and had to have that too! That's how it started and ever since then I have bought the modulars every year. (Only missing the first 3) I also build the Creator houses and buildings, Star Wars, Simpsons, City and anything that takes my interest.
Next set I'm looking for is Ninjago City. Wanting to get it in a store here but will buy it online if it doesn't appear somewhere. I have no idea what Ninjago is but that set looks amazing. Destinys Bounty is another set that I want as well.
Currently building the Old Fishing Store with Assembly Square waiting to be built.



  • SalamalexSalamalex UKMember Posts: 274
    Welcome. I too am after the Ninjago City without having any real idea of what it is. ;)
    Welcome aboard - nice to see someone from my old home town! there seems to be a real explosion of Aussie users here over the last few weeks...
  • MaffyDMaffyD West YorkshireMember Posts: 2,539
    G'day! Ha ha. Seriously, welcome to the forum. Glad you're getting all the Lego you want after your experiences as a child! Hope you have fun here. :-)
  • AllBrickAllBrick UKMember Posts: 1,404
    Welcome to The Set... Great way to start collecting, really wish I had started with modulars .... Kudos for doing it right first time.
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Shopping at or Amazon?

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