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FS/FT: [US/WW] Random Series 1,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,11,14 CMFs, Spongebob Squarepants, others

teal93mr2teal93mr2 USAMember Posts: 933
I have the following available:

#3834 Good Neighbors at Bikini Bottom (Brand New, Sealed)
#3815 Heroic Heroes of the Deep (Brand New, Sealed)
#3816 Glove World (Brand New, Sealed)
#3830 The Bikini Bottom Express (Used, Complete with instructions, no box)

CMFs - All Sealed unless otherwise noted

Series 1:
Deep Sea Diver
Demolition Dummy

Series 3:
Samurai Warrior
Tennis Player
Space Alien
Hula Dancer

Series 4:
Crazy Scientist
Soccer Player
Hazmat Guy
Hockey Player
Kimono Girl
Punk Rocker
The Monster

Series 5:
Royal Guard
Fitness Instructor
Lizard Man (opened, displayed only)
Lumberjack (opened, displayed only)
Cave Woman (opened, displayed only)

Series 6:
Classic Alien
Lady Liberty
Clockwork Robot
Roman Soldier
Classic Alien (opened to verify contents and re-sealed)

Series 7:
Galaxy Patrol
Bunny Suit Guy

Series 8:
Football Player (opened, displayed only)
Vampire Bat
Red Cheerleader (opened, displayed only)
Alien Villainess
Football Player

Series 9:
Battle Mech

Series 11:
Welder (opened, displayed only)

Series 14:
Wacky Witch (opened, displayed only)
Plant Monster

#30201 Ghost - Opened for display, complete with instructions

Also have these CMF displays made by (since defunct).  They are a little dusty, but a novel way to display your Series 1-6 CMFs!  Open to offers on all items.

Here is my current wanted list in case anyone wants to trade:

#40176 Scarif Stormtrooper
#40145 Lego Brand Retail Store
S14 CMF: Wolf Guy
#75048 The Phantom
#30353 Tractor (x2)
#60060 Auto Transporter
#70912 Arkham Asylum
#5004391 Sky Pirates Battle
#30292 Jay's Nano Mech


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