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LEGO Jurassic World The Indominus Escape

OdeinoichusOdeinoichus Member Posts: 361

Good morning, I have decided to share my review of this particular special film release from LEGO here in the Forum as I feel some folks may want to know more about it. If this isn't a good place for it don't hesitate to let me know. Sorry about the lack of imagery, I'm afraid I don't have any decent enough means to take proper photographs and post them online to share on the site.

This review will follow my typical reviewing format.

LEGO Jurassic World The Indominus Escape: This particular special from LEGO and Universal Studios is relatively short and originally could only be found attached to Jurassic World as a bonus disc during 2016. I found it during Boxing Week in Canada being sold separately at Wal-Mart for less than 4$, making it a very nice price for a fun piece of entertainment.


Packaged in standard DVD packaging there isn’t much to discuss about that. The menus were rather standard as well with little to interact with. The real fun was in the feature itself, which I’ll discuss shortly, but first to discuss the animation and other aspects.

First off the animation was quite crisp and matches up very well to what we’ve seen from the LEGO Jurassic World video game. As well as other similar LEGO specials such as the Star Wars and DC films that have been made in the past. The best feature of this animation is that it relies exclusively on the sets, while there are some other elements, every single set released by LEGO is featured here in animated form. Making this ultimately a very good showcase for the Theme.


First, aside from the special itself there are a few bonus shorts, similar to some of those found in past Star Wars and DC films. These little shorts are quite entertaining and work out very well.

The main special however is typical episode length for a LEGO Television show, it’s in the 25 minute range, making it about the length of a LEGO Ninjago or Nexo Knights episode. The story is funny and loaded with standard LEGO humour, especially including the Hot Dog Suit from CMF for a fun joke. Overall the special was very entertaining and children will love it. It’s full of laughs, great animation and awesome dinosaur action.

Overall opinion

I would recommend trying to track this down for fans of the Theme and the series in general, however it is a rather limited release and as of the writing of this there is very few options for acquiring it. I’m surprised that Brickset, at the time of this writing, has yet to include it in the Database as most of the films are usually included. But I digress, you definitely want to get this if you can still find it at Wal-Mart in Canada for under 4$ because it’s well worth that asking price.

In traditional set rating I would consider this a solid 4 out of 5 for the overall rating, the value at 4$ is definitely scoring a high 5 out of 5 however the playability factor, translated into digital media as a matter of course, would be a dismal 2 out of 5. While the special is entertaining and there are a few other shorts to watch there aren't many features with this disc and very little to enjoy, no on disc games or activities to expand on what is included with the main film. Still for what is here it's very good and highly welcome for a different looking LEGO Special. A shame they didn't include any unique Minifigures or buildable mini-models, but I can see why they wouldn't as this was a bonus disc included with the Jurassic World movie when it was first made available. Still recommended though.



  • LordmoralLordmoral Member Posts: 938
    edited September 2017
    At first I thought this was about the set, but I agree that Lego could probably pack a 60 minute movie because as you said the content is abysmally short. 
  • OdeinoichusOdeinoichus Member Posts: 361
    Lordmoral said:
    At first I thought this was about the set, but I agree that Lego could probably pack a 60 minute movie because as you said the content is abysmally short. 

    I keep my set reviews relegated to Brickset proper, as this one-off DVD pack-in is not in the Database and I highly doubt it ever will be as it doesn't quite meet the criteria of a set, and unless it is sold on S&H it rarely winds up in the Database, I decided that since I'd had it on my hard drive for quite some time I'd post it to the Forum here and hopefully help others on the fence about tracking this down whether it was worth it or not.

    I was hoping it would have been a longer special myself, but paying less than 4$ for it helped in scoring it favorably on my end, it was cheaper than a Polybag and still entertaining enough to maintain my AFOL interest, so a KFOL who loves dinosaurs and Jurassic World would undoubtedly love this too.

    If it doesn't go up on the Database I'll probably create a post for the second LEGO Scooby-Doo Special review I plan on writing up in the near future as well, provided the folks in charge don't frown on such things. I'm afraid my OCD tells me to review everything LEGO I own, and to post it, but if it isn't in the database I'm left with this glaring gaping void in my neat organized perfected list of sets and things I own.

    No doubt I'm not the only one though. ;)

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