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Battle for ninjago city

dragologerdragologer U.S.AMember Posts: 133
i just recently picked up a brand new Battle for ninjago city set off of eBay. Great set! wanted it for years. but I'm a little confused. in the inventory in the back if the instructions, it lists that there are X7 flames included. this is correct. the only problem is, it doesn't state in the instructions were two of them go. these parts are obviously not extras like 1x1 slopes and studs. i have placed two on the temple, two on the stairs and one in a torch on the back. Where do the other two go?!


  • DawnDawn GoldMember Posts: 247
    There are 4 in the front of the building
    1 in the back
    2 used in the roof catapults.
  • dragologerdragologer U.S.AMember Posts: 133
    i thought so too. only to verify there is no visual step to do that in instruction book three and the only representation of fire being on these parts is on the box art. but its just art. not a physical part with effects over it. 
  • dragologerdragologer U.S.AMember Posts: 133
    anybody find anything out?

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