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FAQ: "What are Mods & Admins? What's the difference between them?"

bluemoosebluemoose Member Posts: 1,716
edited December 2011 in FAQs
Mods (or Moderators to give them their full title) are members of Staff who help to run the forums. Their role is to help keep the forums a pleasant & respectful place to communicate. They necessarily have a rule enforcement role and are able to edit and move all other users' posts. When a Mod asks you to do (or not do) something, they are asking with the full authority of the Staff.
Admins (or Administrators) are the senior Staff on the forums. They set the policy and rules of the forum. As well as being able to do all the things that Mods can do, they can also create and delete user accounts, create and delete forums with the boards, etc. They are the ultimate authority of the site. Anger them at your peril!
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