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High and Tight

Hoping the community can help me out here.  I need to make a character with a high and tight haircut.  Any ideas on how to represent that on a minifig?  A black stud on top of the head just doesn't quite look right.


  • elspankdogelspankdog TexasMember Posts: 403
    Maybe the Mr. T hairpiece?

  • elspankdogelspankdog TexasMember Posts: 403
    There's also the new hairpiece and head in the Ninjago CMF Zane, but it is only available in white:

  • elspankdogelspankdog TexasMember Posts: 403
    You could also try the traditional flat top piece or maybe just a 1x1 round tile instead of a 1x1 round plate
  • shotgunchipmunkshotgunchipmunk USMember Posts: 74
    The Mr T piece might just do it, thanks!

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