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Greetings from London (UK)!

Hi, all. What a fantastic forum!!  I'm planning to get back into Lego after 10 years, now that I have more time and (more importantly) more space in my house. :)

To that end, I've decided to concentrate on one or two themes only and not go crazy on the 'big ticket' items. I'll be selling my Taj Mahal that I never got around to building (due to lack of space!) to release much needed funds for a few smaller, quality sets.

Looking forward to my journey and contributing to this forum. How many UK members are there?



  • OrmskirkBricksOrmskirkBricks Member Posts: 265
    Welcome...there are quite a lot in the UK!

    Good luck with the purchasing many of us it always starts with a good intention, lets see what your collection is like in 12 months! I bet it's more than a couple of themes! I started out on Star Wars Minifigs I have several themes, modular buildings, Large sets, Marvel stuff, Scooby Doo etc etc!
  • JRLJRL Member Posts: 86
    Welcome mate!
  • MaffyDMaffyD Member Posts: 3,535
    Hello! Welcome. The uk contingent is pretty big. Not sure about exact numbers though. I think there was a website which tracked where users were located, but I can't remember it offhand. Small quality sets are a good focus, so have fun!
  • ArgonautArgonaut Member Posts: 21
    Thanks guys.  I'm a big sci-fi fan so will start there I think.  :)
  • AllBrickAllBrick Member Posts: 1,497
    Check Gumtree regularly, picked up a lot of bargains in London via that medium. Maybe start with the new Millennium Falcon..? 
    Welcome and good luck.
  • ArgonautArgonaut Member Posts: 21
    I was planning on the new MF until my wife saw the price!  £650!! 

    So that's been vetoed for now. :(  I need to sell my Taj Mahal first anyway. 
  • omniumomnium Member Posts: 831
    Welcome, Argonaut. I'm based out in the suburbs of leafy Twickenham. As others have said, there seems to be quite a lot of UK folk on here, but I've no idea of the numbers or how to find out.
  • bookmumbookmum Member Posts: 1,511
    Welcome! I'm a London based Lego fan too. There is quite a lot of us. It is a fun community to be part of. 
  • ArgonautArgonaut Member Posts: 21
    Thanks for the welcome all!   Any tips in selling the Taj Mahal would be appreciated. :) It's been sitting in 'Marketplace' for a while with no offers yet.
  • AllBrickAllBrick Member Posts: 1,497
    Problem you face is that most people on here who want it that badly probably already have it... Gumtree is another option as is the dreaded eBay. .. Not sure how Catawiki works, could be useful.
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