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Signed and dated 21310 Fishing Store for sale

BrainsluggedBrainslugged England (the grim North)Member Posts: 499
Hi - apolgies if we're not meant to be posting stuff for sale here, but I picked up a couple of spare signed Fishing Stores (21310) yesterday from the Leicester Square store. Having purchased them, I can't imagine I'm ever going to get round to selling them on ebay as it just doesn't seem like it'd be worth the headache or risk of the box getting mashed up. If anyone is interested in picking one up off me, I'd let them go for £150 a piece. Both are signed, dated and Robert also wrote "London" on them which I thought was a nice touch which I hadn't thought of. I also have a signed flyer for each one.

I'm down in Surrey at the moment but am flying out of the country on September 1st. I will then be back in the North East of England from around September 14th and am always at the Gatehead Metrocentre store. So hit me up if anyone is nearby and wants to nab one of these.



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