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bringing out the shine in black bricks ....

I recently purchased a brand new Tower of Orthanc [LOTR]. I was wondering if someone could give me advice on a product that I could use [safely] to bring out the shine in the black bricks ... to make them really glossy. I've read about Pledge Klear [now called 'Floor Care' - see link below] for use on clear plastic lego but I'm not sure it would be appropriate for black bricks. I don't want to go ahead and purchase same until I'm confident it's safe to use as I'd have to buy it from the US and it would be relatively expensive.



  • CCCCCC Member Posts: 20,526
    Is it just dirty or scratched?

    Most cleaner sprays without solvent or bleach are safe, but try to go for unscented (Orthanc does not smell of roses or pine!) Although I'd just go with water with a little washing up liquid if it is just dust. If they are scratched, then a solvent based product can help, but this "melts" (dissolves) the surface - but I'd really only do this in extreme cases. It might also stick bricks together if you do it assembled.

    Remember many furniture and floor polishes are oil based, so you end up putting a layer of oil / wax on the surface. While this makes wood shine, it can attract a lot of dust later on if done on plastic.

    Some people use car cleaner (make sure it is for plastic body).

    Others go down the abrasive route - toothpaste, banana skins, metal polish, etc. It works OK for badly scratched parts, but I wouldn't do it unless the parts are really scratched.

    Personally, I'd leave them as they are unless the parts are really scratched up.
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