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FS (USA) - Gauging Interest In 160 Set Lot - All or None - Pick up Required (KY)

itsnotmeitsnotme Member Posts: 110
I'm in the early stages of preparing to sell off a collection of sets that I purchased between 2012 and 2015, plus some promotional items from 2016.  These were generally investments intended for resale, though I've typically set one of each aside for me and my kids to enjoy.  

Over the last three years or so, I've individually sold approximately 60 sets via eBay.  But the time has come for me to dramatically whittle down the collection.  I have roughly 160 sets here, and it's simply not practical for me to continue selling them one by one.  

As a result, I'm seeking an all-or-none transaction with a reputable and trustworthy member of the Brickset community.  It's more important to me to work with someone who is reasonable and honest than to try wring every last dollar out of the sale.  I myself have been on the forum for several years, joining discussions here and there and executing a few trades with fellow members.

The ideal buyer is probably someone who is both a collector and reseller.  There are multiples of most of the 54 different sets, so you can keep one for yourself and sell or trade the rest.  I'm located in north central Kentucky and would require that the transaction take place in person (i.e. you come with a truck to pick it up).

I have time on this and am not going so far as to set a price at this point.  Part of the reason is that the list of sets below is based on my spreadsheet records, but I've not yet gone through the physical boxes to ensure that everything is actually there, but it should be very close.  Sets are NISB - most are in great shape, though obviously there are going to be a few with some creases and maybe even a couple dents.  Most sets have EOL'd but you'll see a handful of current sets in there too.  I'm estimating the gross market value of the collection at just shy of $30k.

So if you are potentially interested, please reply or message me.  The purpose of the exercise for me at this point is to determine if this is indeed the best route for selling the lot.  I won't be doing any transactions on individual sets.  And yes, if you buy the lot you MUST take the 10188's and all 26 of the 79111's!

* This list is indicative and subject to change - to be finalized before terms are set *

Set NumberNameQuantity
3677Red Cargo Train4
4184Black Pearl1
4194Whitecap Bay1
4195Queen Anne's Revenge1
5766Log Cabin2
5771Hillside House2
7938Passenger Train5
7939Yellow Cargo Train3
7965Millennium Falcon7
8043Motorized Excavator1
9474The Battle of Helm's Deep6
10188Death Star2
10193Medieval Market Village5
10197Fire Brigade5
10199Winter Village Toy Shop2
10211Grand Emporium3
10212Imperial Shuttle2
10214Tower Bridge1
10216Winter Village Bakery3
10218Pet Shop4
10219Maersk Train5
10220Volkswagen T1 Camper Van4
10222Winter Village Post Office3
10223Kingdom's Joust4
10224Town Hall3
10227B-Wing Starfighter2
10228Haunted House1
10229Winter Village Cottage5
10233Horizon Express5
10235Winter Village Market6
21108Ghostbusters Ecto-11
40106Toy Workshop1
40107Winter Skating Scene2
40108Balloon Cart4
40138Christmas Train3
40139Gingerbread House1
40180Bricktober Theater1
40181Bricktober Pizza Place1
40182Bricktober Fire Station1
40183Bricktober Town Hall1
40204Pilgrim's Feast2
40220London Bus2
419994x4 Crawler Exclusive Edition1
42030Volvo L350F Wheel Loader1
60017Flatbed Truck1
60020Cargo Truck1
60052Cargo Train1
70413Brick Bounty2
71040Disney Castle1
75102Poe's X-wing Fighter1
79010The Hobbit Goblin King Battle4
79111Constitution Train Chase26



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