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FS (USA) Brick-linked Cafe Corner and Bricklinked Green Grocer

3stackshs3stackshs Member Posts: 299
edited August 2017 in Marketplace
I have moved to LA now so if someone wants to pick either of these up to save on shipping I am in the San Pedro area.  Please note I will not accept Paypal as they are crooks.  I will accept cash on pickup or Google Wallet.  I have positive feedback here in the feedback section on some pretty large sales.

Cafe Corner - $450 + Shipping
Green Grocer - $350 + Shipping

The following are the missing items/substitutions from each:

Here are the subs/missing from CC:

#4221601 - Hair Piece x1 - Missing
#4274410 - Hair Piece x1 - Missing
#4275833 - Torso Blue x1 - Missing

#4258479 - Turn Plate Gray x4 - Subbed with #368001 - Turn Plate White
#4218638 - Window Frame x5 - Subbed with #4530590 x10 - Window Frame

The turn tables can't even be seen when the modular is built.

Here are the subs/missing from CC:

Most missing parts below are cheap minifigure parts or the cat (<$2 on BL) and a clock. The subbed pieces are the ones that really make the price of bricklinking this jump like the grooved bricks and the 1x8's subbed for 2 1x4's.  the hinges cannot be seen so they werent worth paying for sand green when gray would do.

#4275334 - Torso - Missing (x1)
#4506002 - Hair - Missing (x1)
#4506003 - Hair - Missing (x1)
#4285963 - Cat - Missing (x1)
#4275461 - Torso - Missing (x1)
#4507355 - Clock - Missing (x1)
#4174747 - Scarf - Missing (x1)
#4562544 - Hat - Missing (x1)
#4275491 - Torso - Missing (x1)

#4266895 - 2x4 Dark Green (x2) - Subbed w/#4245570 (x4)
#4521949 - 1x8 Sand Green (x50) - Subbed w/#4521947 (x100)
#4286649 - Sand Green Hinge (x7) - Subbed w/#4211469 (x7)
#4521889 - 1x2 Groove (x56) - Subbed w/#4616581 (x56)
#4276180 - 1x2x3 inv (x4) - Subbed w/#4264755 (x4)
#4522209 - Train Window (x4) - Subbed w/#4536521 (x4)

Instructions are not included as I did not purchase them when I bricklinked these.

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As an Amazon Associate we earn from qualifying purchases.