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New to Lego - Need Help Creating a Custom Set

AquaboyAquaboy HullMember Posts: 3
Thanks for the add to this forum. 
I'm hoping you guys can help me with a project I've just started. 

I'm not a lego kinda person so I wouldn't know where to start.

I want to create a lego version of a concert for my latest music video. 
I need to find lego look likes for the band. 
Main people been the leader (Jeff Lynne) his key features are his sun glasses, beard and big hair.
Also required, if possible is a black guy (the drummer) plus other members (see photo)

Also I would like to create a stage (see photo) My idea is to use 2 iPhones as the side screen and one iPhone, landscape as the centre screen. (The big spaceship on the pole in the centre I have sorted)

I would love your suggestion for the 6 light rig overhangs. 

I've attached photos. Cash waiting for the right figures etc. Thanks


  • ShibShib UKMember Posts: 5,480
    edited August 2017
    Hi @Aquaboy

    First off, I like what you're looking to do, I saw Jeff Lynne's ELO at Wembley a couple of months ago and it was a cracking night!

    There are a couple of options open to you, if you are happy to spend a bit of time scouring through images to figure out parts that match what you're after either bricklink or brickowl would be your best bet, they are marketplaces for LEGO sets and parts.

    If money isn't too much of an issue and you are not too worried about using official LEGO prints then you could consider some of the custom minifigures printing services available like or minifigs4life. 

    I've made quite a lot of custom minifigures of people I know using only official LEGO prints sourced from bricklink, and I quite enjoy the process but it is time consuming and will require a fair bit of research compared to simply commissioning customs.
  • CCCCCC UKMember Posts: 20,308
    These parts are often used for light rigs (ignore the duplo ones) ...

    You might also want to checkout @pricey73 concert stage ...[email protected]

  • AquaboyAquaboy HullMember Posts: 3
    edited August 2017
    Thanks @Shib the two minifig sites look ideal, I've emailed one of them and will have a proper look when I get home tonight. Hopefully they can make my figures for me. 
    Then it's just a stage set likeness I need lol 

    I would also need a black les Paul style guitar 

    @CCC yeah it looks great. I think it was a lego rock band spaceship promo, I think the band Boston was also involved. The Jeff figure looks good. But I think the hair needs to be darker/black he's also dressed all in black these days. But it still looks great. 

    The concert photo shows a spaceship on a pole, this represents the cardboard model that came with the out of the blue album, so for my lego stage I shall be using that. 

    I've seen on eBay a lego rock stage, it's very small but I like the guitar amps, and light rig scaffolding. But I think I would need about 6 sets to make my stage. 
  • AquaboyAquaboy HullMember Posts: 3
    CCC said:
    These parts are often used for light rigs (ignore the duplo ones) ...

    You might also want to checkout @pricey73 concert stage ...[email protected]

    Thanks for this, I'll have a proper look tonight but it looks amazing. The light rigs are just what I need. 
  • CCCCCC UKMember Posts: 20,308
    The Hobbit hair used for the Jeff Lynne above doesn't come in black unfortunately. Probably the closest official hair is Harry Potter, or you might need to dye the Hobbit one.
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