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As is customary at this time of year I will be rolling out some enhancements to the site soon. I'd like you to beta test them for me before I do.

You can view and test them on my development site

The main changes are:

- Related sets. This is the biggest and most significant change. We used to have notes about related sets (same as...; US version of...; Polybag version of... etc.) as free text which meant there was no way to connect them via hyperlinks. I've addressed this and now you will see related sets shown on the set details page (e.g. see and also shown in the search results table as a list and a pop-up window (e.g. see Collection)

- New gallery view of search results, you'll see a control to flip between the two on the search results header

- Pop-up view of a set's minifigs in search results

- Search results table tidied up a bit

- Minifig taxonomy data from Cristoph Bartneck's book displayed where appropriate

Have a play, let me know if anything breaks or looks wierd and if everything goes to plan I'll update the main site later today.

Oh, the database is the same as the main site, so any changes you make to your collection etc. will be live.



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    FF8 the year pagination buttons at the bottom, should they be below the last set, rather than next to it?
  • ljames28ljames28 Member Posts: 88
    I notice on the close buttons for your pop-ups you use a background image, thought I'd mention if you prefer you can use the html code × that conveniently looks just like a close button with no image needed, like this:
  • HuwHuw Brickset Towers, Hampshire, UKAdministrator Posts: 6,441
    ^^ Good catch, looks like I need to clear the floats.

    ^ The close image comes with the Highslide library I'm using, but I'll see if it's easy, or worthwhile, swapping it.
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